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Cher in New York City

Cher in New York City

Transcript from AOL IM 15 May 2005 with friend from Google.
OzzyBat: I'm at a [Google] photographer talk right now - joe mcnally. He just showed a cher photo
OzzyBat: "cher - she steamrolled me. she said - you've got two minutes
OzzyBat: i said, lady i need two minutes just to photograph your hair"
OzzyBat: pic of her in a doorway with a white jacket that had lettering on it, like NYC or something, it went by fast
OzzyBat: big 80s hair

RemovedCherRib: is she looking out to the distance
RemovedCherRib: with her hand in a pocket
RemovedCherRib: we may need to hypnotize you to remember

OzzyBat: let me see if its in the book
OzzyBat: not in the book, let me look online
OzzyBat: you were right

RemovedCherRib: i'm good

OzzyBat: he's discussing his book "the moment it clicks"

RemovedCherRib: that's actually a very memorable photograph

OzzyBat: it is a nice one, with the reflection of buildings in the glass

RemovedCherRib: yeah...and she looks so pissed off
RemovedCherRib: now that we know some backstory

OzzyBat: now you know why - she would only allow 2 mins
OzzyBat: thank god for
OzzyBat: the book is cool - has photo tips