Thanksgiving Couture

Turkeylamp I’m watching TV Lands Greatest TV Icons tonight to start off my very exciting Dead Turkey Day plans for the weekend. For some odd reason, my bf and I our unseasonably festive this year and have decided to decorate our digs this weekend, bake cookies and generally be cheery. This is most unusual.

To keep you busy over the weekend if your family is tormenting you with discussions of embarrassing childhood moments involving Thanksgiving leftovers of yore, retreat to your room and play with Eddie Kent's 60s Cher paper dolls. You can play with them online!

Turkeysc_2 I couldn't find a particularly Thanksgiving Cher photo but here is a video of S&C singing in Thanksgiving colors: Just imagine them coming over to your dinner party dressed like that with some giblets and boxed wine.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving - adopt a turkey next year:

What's Cher Scholar Been Doing with Her New Cher Dolls?

Actually, I’m a little hurt no one has asked. I's like you don't really care.

But I'll tell you anyway. I coerced my boyfriend into doing some interpreitve modeling.







The LA billboard of Cher doll and Bijan for Men








Michael Kors despairs over the Bob Mackie hole-fit on an episode of Project Runway.   







Who hid our Harleys?






Precious and few are the moments we two can Cher.   

Swarthy1This is my bf in the shirt I bought him for his birthday. He bought me Sirius radio for my birthday and helped me install it a few weeks ago. I've since been stalking the dance, 60s and 70s stations for 18 days until I was finally able to create a Memo Alert for Cher. Now I’m free to roam the vast forest of cable radio programming. Speaking of my birthday, I also got papercut Lancaster County/Amish art from my parents, an iPod car converter and the second Nellie McKay album which is utterly awesome. She’s getting better with time and each song has something eclectic and interesting going on in it. My favorite songs today are "Yodel," "There You are in Me" and "I Will Be There."


Return of the Dolls!!

Ringleader_1Speaking of why I’m not rich yet. I’m trying to earmark $300 of my future earnings for three new Cher dolls soon to hit the store. I hope I won’t have to pay $50 each, but this is what underground dolls sites are asking for the dolls in pre-orders. Yes, I will get two dolls each for the future Chersonian Institute – one to be MIB (mint in box) and one to pose in the outer-box universe.

Barbie and Mattel sites show no signs of these new creatures set to arrive in June or July. But I’m very excited about the prospect. As we know, the 90s Bob Mackie doll left much to be desired; if the doll didn’t have the word 'Cher' emblazoned on the box cover we probably would have thought it was Phoebe Cates. Sure, it was fun to see Will and Grace promoting the doll on their show, but it was hard to get over the fact that the doll didn’t really look like Cher (even with her new nose). Some more artistic fans repainted the doll’s face to look more like her. Drastic measures – but I understand completely understand.

Sqaw1_2Halfbreed2The outfits are looking up this time around. One doll is quaffed in the ringleader ensemble, the new and fabulous outfit representing Cher’s 3-year historic farewell tour in America and Europe. Another doll is decked out as V.2 of Half Breed. This is a recreation from the 70s half breed fit and a scrubbed up retread, but it’s surely Cher’s most representative outfit from the 70s decade. But here is where things get really good: an 80s outfit. Encroyable! And the doll Gods have picked the hole fit!! Can you believe it?. This is big news because it elevates this mostly-ignored but oft-worn and re-designed hole-strewn uni-tard up to the iconic status it so deserves. Check out Ape Culture and scroll to the bottom of the concert review to view a retrospective of the hole fit as it has evolved throughout modern times.Holedoll_1

My fingers are itching on my wallet to purchase these babes. If only I could find out when Target will get their shipment? O’ where can I go in the free market to buy my Cher dolls? Stay tuned…the summer promises many good things: the last Harry Potter novel and now this!

You can see the new doll prototypes at these sites (just plug ‘cher’ in the search box).