Cher in FLATT Magazine

FlattCher scholar Michael recently informed me that Cher did an interview for the new magazine FLATT. FLATT is a philanthropic arts organization that “celebrates creative entrepreneurs and contemporary philanthropic ideas.” I found my copy on eBay because I am two states away from a decent newsstand.

The cover is gorg and the interview was done by Christina Lessa. It was an exceptionally good one, too, and not just remarking on clichés about how Cher is an iconic diva. Lessa effused instead about Cher’s humanness and her status as an underdog and as a pioneer, how she always tends to steal the show (even still), and how she never looks like she’s trying. Yes, thank you! Cher herself talks a bit about singing with her mom, grandfather and uncle, her grandfather playing the guitar (love those stories!). Cher also talks about the dichotomy in her personality of being both loving and mean. She admits she has “a list” of at least one item she requires in a mate: he must be a good artist. She talks about doing a PSA for suicidal servicemen (so heartbreaking!) She also talks about discussing reality shows with Elijah and how she hates them. It even seems unlikely that she would like one with Elijah in it.

This is a big beautiful magazine with lots of amazing art and photographs. Surprisingly the magazine had two sections of poetry! “Poetic Narrative” by Marc Straus (with artwork by Bruce Robbins) was my favorite of the two represented. His were lyrics with a lot of juxtapositions of random lines. But there was  an undercurrent of a story about a father. These poems reminded me of William Carlos Williams as they were written from a doctor’s point of view. His poems also contained a large amount of scene-setting, some interesting lines like “Rivers drowned in each others’ mouths,” class issues touched upon in “He went to the suburb where/they judge your lawn,” and American critique: “He said that 90 inch drapes were 89 inches long./That one inch made America rich.” The other poet Jason Armstrong Beck was included with a poem called “Dust Storm” mostly a visual study.

Quite an impressive magazine but the typos drove me nuts.


The Drama of Cher News

Ec2I’ve been MIA the last few weeks due to a research project I’ve been working on.

But last week was depressing week anyway for Cher news. Eljiah Allman gave a supposed “tell-all” to Mail Online magazine (are they a tabloid? A magazine? I don’t even know). They heard he was now married and called him to get a scoop. They got one…sort of.

But by the end of the piece, Elijah’s mom doesn't look that much worse than other bull-headed parent out there. It sure didn’t rise to the level of No More Wire Hangers in any case. Which didn’t make it any less sad.

Growing up in Hollywood is hard: nannies, the physical and emotional absence of parents, peer and parental drug use, shallow behavior (the rest of American is catching up there), the problem of how to live up to your famous parents. Most kids take the harder route of leaving school early and trying to do one of these things that Cher’s kids have already tried:

  • Acting
  • Launching a band
  • Becoming reality stars

Some like Elijah may feel they are above the antics of Hollywood but their aspirations belie the truth. They don’t run off to missionary work or become scientists or teachers. One problem is they usually aren’t around to witness the struggle, the obscurity, the real work their parents put into their early careers. By the time they come along, they witness only the press, the entourage and the living large.

The interview didn’t reveal anything about Cher we probably didn’t already know, except the private details we maybe shouldn’t already know. Cher has been a celebrity since she was a teen. For whatever reason, she’s probably a flawed parent. Not big news there. But Elijah admits she tries and in admitting that he’s admitting a lot.

In unrelated but kinda related news: people in New Mexico are literally freezing to death because they can’t afford the cost propane to heat their homes.

Someone should write a book about the phenomenon of growing up in Hollywood with famous parents. I know of one offspring of a very iconic artist who lives in another man’s LA garage and has become a hoarder.

Cher tweeted:

"I know it's confusing for you but I love Elijah. And like Chaz, he is my heart. I've said I truly regret some of my choices. But his truth is, well?"

Cher also expressed unhappiness with her album label:

“It’s true [Warner Brothers] hasn’t got a Great Deal of Interest In My CD,” Cher wrote on twitter. “Not ALL [the staff], THERE R HARD WORKING ADORABLE PPL. But Decision Makers Don’t Seem 2Care That Much.”

Cher World adds:

…some countries around the world would not even realize Cher has a new album, with no advertisements, press, posters, zero promotions from Warner Bros records.  The album simply relied on Cher’s star power appearances on US TV and in Europe without any follow up promos from Warner Bros.

Or videos to speak of. And this is after a debut at #3, two hit dance singles, “Woman’s World” (#1) and “Take It Like a Man” (#2) and heavy concert ticket promotion that helped the album enter the Top 40 again recently with a 160 point jump to #36. My billboard-watching friend Christopher contacted Billboard directly to ask about how the concert promotion is working. Unlike how Prince promoted his album Musicology, (been there, got one), CDs are not given to all attendees of shows. You have to redeem your free copies as an extra step and that makes all the difference to Billboard. Apparently, according to our source, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi and Madonna have also used this promotion.

In other news:

  • Cher News reports that Beauty World has honored Cher
  • Cher News also reports that Passenger dissed Cher in his lyrics because he was writing songs while in a bad mood. In a related story, Mr. Cher Scholar hates the Passenger song “Let Her Go” and he walks around the house making fun of it with lines like, “You only know you’re naked when you’re wearing clothes…you only need a hanky when you blow your nose...and you blow your nose.”
  • And Pat Benetar and Cyndi Lauper are alternately opening for Cher's tour. Whoo hoo! I’ve seen Cyndi Lauper open quite a few times for Cher shows and while she’s always amazing, I’m glad to be seeing Benetar this time. I saw her show at the Orange County Fair in 2005. Loved it. But it’s kind of a surreal universe with Pat Benetar opening for Cher.


Cher Feets and Tweets

CherfeetI finished reading The Guardian piece. I found Cher's response comment to Sinead O'Connor about women as sex objects interesting in light of all the Vamp skits I've been watching and their  representations of femme fatales. In fact, in most skits on the shows, Cher characters portray a powerful sexuality. But unlike femme fatals prior, her character always comes out on top (no pun intended). More on that later. Cher also talks about how violence in video games is a much bigger problem (such as Grand Theft Auto), and how although Sonny wasn't a "great statesman," he had the ability to bring everyone to the table, Democrats and Republicans. She also speaks candidly about Burlesque and she elaborates on the Salvador Dali, Sonny and Francis Ford Coppola dinner story.

I also read the Facebook Q&A excerpted on Cher News. She talks about a fun Cher Show halloween party, hints around about her tour's opening act and tells a story about her mom buying art supplies after receiving a tax refund. She says she'd like to perform in the play The Glass Menagerie on Broadway (that would be sweet!) and tells her fans "her imperfections are boundless." But in a Zen equation that also means her perfections are boundless. She also says that if there are fires at the house, she always grabs one jacket she doesn't even like.

Fires at the house? Plural? Who is the pyro in Cher's house?

ACherfeet2lso in recent Cutsie news (I can't remember the full Cutsie News jingle or I'd regurgitate it here), Cher had foot surgery last week as she mentioned on Twitter. She's probably crutchin-it-up at home. Her friends and fans have wished her get-well-soons. I'm attaching Cher foot photos here for positive foot energies. Take care of your feet,  some Buddhist said. I've seen quite a few Sonny & Cher videos of her dancing around like Mother Nature. I hope she can do this again soon.

Her final twitter wishes pre-surgery were about throwing in the  "Tea-haddists" and she got into a tweet-fight this week with Sarah Palin, a spat that is full of ironies. Cher said thusly: 

"Go to a dictionary and look up the 'C word'... Next to the definition, you'll see a picture of Sarah Palin! No... wait... she's under 'dumb C word''."

Sarah Palin posted a response from her brother:

"Dear Cher, I was sorry to hear that you tweeted out such vile comments about my little sister yesterday. It's sad because Sarah has never had a harsh word to say about you. In fact, our grandmother was one of your biggest fans. Have a good night, Chuck"

This is interesting on many levels. First of all, Palin's brother must be working 24/7 to defend his defenseless sister. At the end of the day, if you dish it out, you gotta be able to take it, lady. But at least Chuck's sentences have subjects that match their predicates. His message is condescending in tone ("I was sorry to hear about you," a common bullyish tactic along the lines of "I pity you.") The use Cher-Feet-318319 of the words "vile comment" is terribly and comically ironic when used to defend Sarah Palin (who basically traffics in vile and offensive comments). Does Cher care what Palin might have said about her personally? Many of us are not upset about what Palin has said about us personally, but rather what she has said about other people and groups. So that's a pointless point. And finally, he tries to take a jab at Cher's age and hints at her being a has-been only grandmothers were into. This is ironic in light of the fact Cher has been dominating younger acts on Billboard and being invited to appear on the highest-rated TV shows. But conservatives love to throw out this attack at Cher. It defies logic, showing yet again that wishful thinking trumps reality-based thinking. If Cher's such an old has-been, why do her tweets bother them so much? Plus it just sounds weak, along the lines of "nana nana boo boo, stick you head in doo doo." 

Read all about it on Cher News. This way you can avoid having to visit reactionary conservative websites, which are the only ones talking about this story right now.

To read for next week: Cher News reports on Cher favorite song list from BBC Radio.


Help Cher Save the Elephant

Billy Cher is asking her fans to help her save Billy the elephant from the LA Zoo. She has offered half-a-million dollars to help get him released to an animal sanctuary in San Andreas, the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Like Cher I love elephants and have my own diminutive elephant collection (that I will be unloading at a garage sale next spring). And similarly, I dislike zoos and circuses. So joining this effort seems like a done-deal for me.

Billy is an Asian elephant. You can tell by his little ears. This is an African elephant (dressed like an Indian)...

African elephant

Cher said, "Billy has weighed heavily on my mind for many years. I would give half-a-million dollars for his release to the place that Bob Barker talked about (PAWS). LA Zoo holds Billy hostage! LA Zoo has abused him until all he does is rock back-and-forth, alone."

She continues, "Go to this site: Earth in Transition. 14 Elephants have died in LA Zoo and Billy has spent almost all of his 27 years in a tiny space. Think! You are all so smart and kind, please put your heads together! I've just signed a letter that will be read Downtown tomorrow. Boycott circus!"

This is a continuation of Cher's efforts from 2009.

How you can help:

I'm not a resident of California anymore (although that doesn't need to stop you from contacting local legislature there) but I did donate some cash to the cause (which was super easy via PayPal).








Cher Press and Dancing with the Stars

GauntletsMr. Cher Scholar was very concerned after we returned from Red River Monday afternoon that I might not be able to see the Cher tribute live on Dancing with the Stars so he re-rigged our TV and we were able to get ABC finally. So glad because this was more than a typical Cher performance on a music show (she performed twice), and more than a tribute show (amazing as that was), but Cher was also a guest judge. Unheard of!

And she was delicately political about the whole judging thing, too, other than one 10 second beep where she said God-knows what.

Well, Elizabeth Berkley knows. Follow the stories of her appearance:

I've been a fan so long, it truly is hard to expect a Cher appearance that breaks the mould after 40 years, but this show was truly surprising. First, I had to acclimate myself to all the celebrity dancers. Since Chaz Bono's season, I haven't watched a single episode of this show.

Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack was interesting to watch and his cerebral or anti-cerebral attitude about his experience there. He said he knows how Ozzy get bummed when people muck up his tributes and he just hoped he wouldn't bum Cher. It was touching to see his parents there cheering him on like typical worried parents. Jack did a tango to "The Beat Goes On."

Elizabeth Berkley (infamous from Showgirls) seemed herself a Cher fan, picking "Bang Bang" for her jazz dance as it had special meaning for her and giving Cher a verbal tribute after the judging was completed. She thanked Cher on behalf of women for showing that you can create your own rules and for her resiliency.

Leah Remini also seemed to have a special understanding of Cher and was abrasive and wise-cracking in a way that I felt was sort of its own tribute to Cher. She danced a Viennese Waltz the depicted the meeting of Sonny & Cher to the song "I Got You Babe," a tribute that seemed to genuinely move Cher (although the dance was factually inaccurate in that the meeting was love at first sight only for Cher and not for Sonny).

The guy from the show Pretty Little Liars did a dance to "The Shoop Shoop Song." He seemed to think much of himself and I wasn't sad to see him booted off.

Bill Engvall said Cher, along with Farrah Fawcett, was one of his 1970s fantasy girls. He did a disco number to "Strong Enough" and told Cher what a huge fan he was.Amber from the show Glee did a rumba to "Turn Back Time."There was a dance-off to "Woman's World."

Cher wore two memorable performing outfits, descending for her entrance to sing "Believe" in a demure miniskirt (it's shocking that now a 67 year-old Cher in a miniskirt caused such controversy recently in the UK) and an awesome feathered wig and fringe outfit for "I Hope You Find It." Her judging outfit was appropriately understated (and didn't detract from the other stars).

Believedress Dwts3 





There were many dance tributes to Cher covering her long career and pieces of her music played to transition in and out of commercials, including "Welcome to Burlesque,""Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves," "I Found Someone," "Song for the Lonely," and "Walking in Memphis,"

Cher received standing ovations and the show, the audience, and the contestants seemed over-the-moon about her appearance there. Many of the contestants mentioned being "freaked out" that she would be there.

She was asked how she picks dancers for her shows and she says she sees so many talented dancers, it comes down to an "it" factor.

It was nice seeing Cher as a judge, although she was very hesitant to stick out as a judge. Now that's she "been-there-done-that," maybe she'll do more of it. People love her whether she's being stern or motherly. Or stern and motherly.

This week I tried to catch up on my Cher appearances after our weekend trip to Red River. Cher talked on the E! interview about how profound mentoring on The Voice was. 

Introducing her Attitude Award, Graham Norton talked about Cher's friends who showed up to see her accept it (Judi Dench, Ben Kingsley) and how the word legend is overused unless describing Cher. Cher later said legend was gay-code for fun. Cher also said that gay men either "love you or they don't even notice you're on the planet." I would agree with this assessment. Cher also said "gay men love women who are having a breakdown constantly. Judy Garland has nothing on me."

GnCher's appearance on BBC's Graham Norton was also fun. Her drink of choice was Dr. Pepper and she talked about the rumor last year that she had died due to Twitter hash-tag confusion over Margaret Thatcher's death (#NOWTHATCHERSDEAD). She also talked about how lonely the road is. She gave Michelle Pfeiffer a big hug and she complemented fellow-guest Jennifer Saunders over what a fan of French & Saunders, hoping they'd get back together sometime. Sound familiar? Saunders gave that same uncertain look out to the audience that Sonny or Cher probably doled out whenever anyone said the same to them.

Some interesting asides, Cher talked about how bad reviews of Come Back to the Five and Dime ruined the once popular Broadwasy show and she described a very funny dinner she had once with Robert De Niro and how he scared her drag-queen fans.

A UK website called Chart Shaker had this to say about Cher's recent showing in the UK charts:

"Should [Closer to the Truth] maintain its place in the Top 40 until midnight on Saturday, it will earn Cher her first UK Top 40 hit in twelve years but, more importantly, it will make her one of – if not THE ONLY female artist to have scored a solo Top 40 hit in the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, the 00s and the 10s. Six decades. A feat matched by David Bowie (who added to his tally earlier this year) and Sir Cliff Richard who started a decade earlier but has yet to add another Top 40 single to his tally this decade.

Cherilyn Sarkisian. 100 million solo albums sold. Another 40 million records shifted as one half of the massively successful television and musical partnership Sonny & Cher. The woman behind the biggest selling single by a female solo artist in the UK (Believe). That dance number, co-written by Xenomania founder Brian Higgins, has shifted over 1.7m copies in the UK alone. She has won Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes and an Oscar. And she has just released her 26th studio album Closer To The Truth."

Star Pulse recently posted excerpts of Cher recent Facebook Q&A, which I haven't read yet (see below), where she talked about missing Sonny but imagining him (or joked to imagine him) in hell. She also effused about Jack Nicholson and a recent hand-painted bull he gave her in tribute of the fact they were both Tauruses.

More News:


Recap of Cher Appearances and New Ones

Marie_Antoinette_amusement_at_VersaillesThe Mirror interivew was interesting in that Cher talked about her lack of freedom and how frustrating this is for her. She talks about not being able to go out at all anymore. I was thinking about this last week because it's ridiculous and serious how rude people have become. I remember how people used to spot icon Katharine Hepburn in New York City when I was living there and there was this understanding not to approach her and to leave her alone. I think we're way too self-absorbed as an American society now and Hepburn  would probably be harassed into a hermit if she were still living today. Is there no country where Cher can be anonymous anymore? Or any such country with good shopping? It's like she's become Marie Antoinette and she will need to build a little village to walk around in for the pretense of feeling normal. The lights in the X Factor performance made Cher appear to be locked in a light cage that reminded me of her predicament.

Xfactor Cherprima3





Cher appearing on X Factor (UK) and DeeJay (Italy)




Mr. Cher Scholar promised to help me through the French and Italian interviews last week but we haven't sat down to it yet. Touche pas à mon poste was like The View. Cher said she still wants to do a Carnegie Hall album of standards and a country album. The only thing she liked about the "Woman's World" video was the other women in it...who they picked off the street. She calls P!nk Alecia and says they share management with Tina Turner, Sade and Joe Cocker. She said the recording of "The Greatest Thing" was so convoluted because Gaga broke up with her producer Redone and she didn't want to work with him on her vocal. Cher also talked about her trip to Armenia in the 1990s and how they slept three in a bed it was so cold. 

On Le Grand Journal she says she "didn't think to do it" when talking about the new album which is better sounding that to say she forgot. This was an odd show. There was a long question about a book (I need Mr. Cher Scholar's french-speaking skills to decipher this) and the book tied in somehow to the paparazzi. Then there was a weird guy who came on and wanted to kiss her. Good for her that she refused. My feeling is this show was trying to be quirky like Graham Norton and Watch What Happens but failing.

In part one of the Italian DeeJay interview (part two has since mysteriously been taken down), they talk about how people say her name in different countries, how things have changed for women in the music business, what she thinks about being an icon, and why she didn't date Elvis or Marlon Brando.

On the interview with Blake Shelton on Entertainment Tonight, Blake tells a story about what a big fan his Dad was of Cher and how they both felt Blake finally made it when Cher said his name on the Country Music Awards a few years ago. Is Cher wearing Sonny's Sicilian horn necklace?

Chart news

My friend chart-watching friend Christopher said:

"As I suspected, Cher climbs her way back into the Top Ten this week after all six of last week's Top Ten debuts tumble out of the top ten. I guess Closer to the Truth's staying power lends further credence to Cher's "long legs" in both a figurative and literal sense! Paul Grein over at Yahoo! Music had some extra details regarding the album's performance relative to her past chart achievements:

"Cher's Closer To The Truth rebounds from #11 to #8. This is its third week in the top 10. Of Cher's dozens of albums, either on her own or with Sonny, only three others have logged this many weeks in the top 10. Look At Us (with Sonny) held tight for 14 weeks in 1965; Believe for 11 weeks in 1999; and The Very Best Of Cher for 10 weeks in 2003."

I spoke with Christopher about how the album is accomplishing its feat considering her singles haven't been getting much traction on the radio. He wondered if it might be her appearances on The Voice, a show currently in the Nielsen Top Ten. But I haven't seen the show plug her album even once. 

New Clips

Cher News & Cher World


More Cher-a-palooza 2013

ChiefsThe great Cher train rolls on! Cher maintained her top ten status for week two (#8) with her album and then fell to #11 last week. My Billboard-watching friend thinks she can get back into the top ten next week. He says there was a barrage of new albums debuting last week she had to compete with.

Last weekend I went to the Chiefs game in Kansas City with Mr. Cher Scholar. He is a huge Chiefs fan and recently commented on the fact that both of our obsessions begin with "Ch." This is why I love him. Anyway, as he is so supportive of my freakish Cher obsession, I am committed to supporting him with his Chiefs obsession. Although I know nothing of football, I take it the game went very well by all the hollering and the Chiefs, now 6-0, did something I was told was extraordinary by pushing back the Oakland Raiders to a 3 and 48 which (don't laugh too hard if I get this wrong) means that it was their 3rd down and they had 48 yards to go.

Anyway, of note to Cher fans, the Chiefs cheerleaders did a cheer set to a large chunk of Cher's "Woman's World" and it was a pleasure to see fat, drunk men in the row ahead of us doing some girly dance moves.

I also Bewitchedheard Cher in the supermarket yesterday and I almost couldn't place the song! This was because it was her "Bewitched" duet with Rod Stewart which I have never listened to fully because I am allergic to Rod Stewart.

Cher's special video, Dear Mom, Love Cher, also came out last week. There is 20 minutes of extra footage being Cher's original birthday video for Georgia. Much is clarified in this extra footage, Georgia's experience in Oklahoma bars, her father's struggles with her in Los Angeles. There are many, many more family photos here. I really enjoyed them, especially the Cher and Georgia beach photo marked "Cher was afraid of the ocean."

Cher also talks about her favorite tracks from Georgia's album and listening to their duet I finally hear a younger Cher voice circa late 1970s/early 1980s. Cher is amazed she can't remember cutting the duet in light of the fact that she remembers everything, like falling off the stage. When did this happen?

I also enjoyed Cher talking about country music with her mom. When they hug, Cher does Cher-tapping. Cher also does this when she hugs contestants on The Voice. In Cher Zine 1, I talk extensively about Cher tapping.

The Perth Now interview was good. Cher talks about listening to old albums and songs, twitter haters, her love of Pink's "Dear Mr. President," her support of still using auto-tune, and her appreciation of Cher impersonator Charlie Hides.

In the iTunes fan interview  Cher talks about why she sequenced the album the way she did. She doesn't like albums where the slow and fast songs are intermixed. And although I do prefer that, I appreciate Cher's intentions for the sequencing. She talks more about her plane crash but not when it was.

I tracked down the Gianni Morandi video on Cher's forum and it wasn't that great. However, the German appearances were:

I love, love, love that Cher prop on the Wetten Dass performance, the whole set was gorgeous. Listening to a translated interview was too hard and early on I dismissed the old guy sitting next to her as some grumpy German. This turned out to be Harrison Ford.

MolinaMy friend Julie sent me this interesting Q&A from Mail Online. Cher talks about something very mean Sonny said to her when they split. Sonny was so complicated, it's frustrating to either like him or dislike him. She talks about getting lost in the woods as a child, her love of Alfred Molina (I'm so there), her longtime fear of being poor and ending up in a sad LA apartment, and her feelings about Downton Abbey.

If you haven't seen this video, go there right now: Australia’s Sunday Night interview with Rahni Sadler. It's a great, long interview in the vein of Barbara Walters.

I finally read the Readdit interview. It was mostly annoying navigating her answers around all the inane chatter. She talks more about saving someone from a mugger with Meryl Streep, her feelings about Madonna, about Sonny as a ghost, about loving her Richard Avedon and Normal Seeff photos and her Estudio Machado and Cicala Morassut photos (see beow), why Elvis was an inspiration, about motherhood and what isn't "all about me" in Chaz's transformation, among many other fly-by topics.

Lastly, Cher was on two segments of The Voice last week. I was on the road Monday and missed that episode. But you can always catch them on Hulu, along with this extra clip. You can also see Cher's mentoring interview here.


First of all, Cher looked great. I thought she was edited a bit school-marmishly cross, especially in the teasers.

Rolling Stone accused her of chewing out contestants and scolding them:

"Cher is not messing around when it comes to being an advisor to Blake Shelton's team on The Voice. After meeting bluesy Monika Leigh and single dad Ray Boudreaux, the iconic singer dug into them during rehearsal for the second night of the battle rounds.

When Ray's voice cracked on a high note and he said he "hoped" he could hit it on the day of the big performance, Cher sternly replied: "You shouldn't have to worry about, on that day can you do it? You should be able to know that you can do it."

And the tough love didn't stop there. When Monika sang the pairing's battle song, "Some Kind of Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad, differently than rehearsed, Cher called her out on it: "If you're gonna riff, make sure you know where you're gonna end up." When Monika asked for an example, Cher snapped, "Well you sing it different every time. I don't mean to play it safe, but you've got this one chance – be secure before you go there."

Cherstare2I think this editing led to the brouhaha about a tiff between Cher and Blake as seen in the supermarket rags this week. Cher is intimidating. She gives you that crazy Cher stare. I wonder if she picked this up from the crazy Sonny stare. And I admit to never wanting to be on the scolding end of it. I got scared when she used that stare in the tennis scene from Witches of Eastwick! Watch the full scene.

But Cher and Blake have professed their mutual love to each other in various interviews. And Blake gives it back plenty. My favorite was when he asked her to list her favorite Adam Levine songs. I want to talk more about her advice later on, after more episodes air. She gives good tough-love and contestants really seem to take her words to heart.

Would I ever sing in front of Cher? Hell to the no.

More Cher news I have yet to consume:

from Cher News:

from Cher World:

Enjoy chickadees!

New Estudio Machado photos:


New Cicala Morassut:









New Cher Interviews & Promos

BBCinterviewThere's a new Cher interview:

BBC News posted this on Sept 4 and Cher looks great in a blonde wig with pink streaks. She talks about naming the new album and how Closer to the Truth was only a working title but she could have named it "Dressed to Kill." Ultimately she liked the ambiguity of Newcher1 Closer to the Truth.

She talked about her farewell tour not being a true farewell and she said this album changed her mind and that she’s not particularly compelled to be on stage (as 12 years away should indicate). The interviewer told her the new video is mesmerizing. She calls it a plain video, not the greatest ever seen (it did better than most of her videos in my test group), except for the newspaper wig (“everyone has one of those,” she jokes).

She says she only has a finite amount of energy and will have to see if she’s still up to the tour, mostly the changing cities part. 

Newcher4Canada Interview: - here Cher tells leaker of Gaga duet to go f^#k themselves.





This should be funnier and cooler than it comes off but Jackie Collins has recorded a dramatic reading of the new song "Woman's World:"

It reminds me of when Steve Allen tried to do a dramatic reading of Donna Summers' song "Hot Stuff" on some TV special back in 1980. Maybe hilarious at parties, but not a professional enough joke.

Cher News also posted information on celebrities' favorite Cher Songs:

  • RuPaul picked "Save Up All Your Tears," "The Gunman," and "Bang Bang" with Bon Jovi
  • Debbie Gibson picked "Half Breed" and "Turn Back Time"
  • Cher picked "Song for the Lonely" and one of her new songs, "Sirens"

The Great Leak of 2013

GagacherI would have blogged about this last week but I'm in the middle of a move. My life consists of waking up, going to work, driving down to Albuquerque in search of a new house, coming home and going back to bed and then repeating it all the next day. In the middle of all this, big Cher drama! It goes like this: 

Many years ago Cher fans heard a rumor that Cher had recorded a new Lady Gaga song called "The Greatest Thing." Many years ago fans also heard a rumor that its release was eternally pending. It was a solo or it was a duet or it was a solo featuring Gaga. It was one of those mysterious Cher things.

Months ago we found out the song had been shucked of the new Cher album due to reasons from Gaga herself.

Suddenly last week, the song was leaked onto the Internets amid other Gaga song leaks. (Cher's single "Woman's World" was also leaked last year.) A new rumor has it the leak of "The Greatest Thing" came from someone on Gaga's team.

The truth of these many rumors may never be known. But Cher fans suddenly found themselves able to finally hear the song. (Check Cher World for more details.) Meanwhile, Cher posted angry tweets about the leak:


"Disappointed ( Ive Sat on fkng song 4 over a yr ) NOW SOME A--HOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION ! GaGa's SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS."

News reports said Cher was referring to Lady Gaga's new ballad, "Applause."

Looking at a leak from "two sides now" (as Joni Mitchell might), you can see the artist's side of it. In these days of hackers with nothing else to do but break into other people's stuff, you probably need to have your hot songs under a kind of Mission Impossible lock and key, reachable only when Cher and Gaga are together in the same room with some fingerprinting device. Artists should have some kind of control as to what product enters the ear-o-sphere.

Also, they do not get paid. What if they've already paid their musicians, engineers and whutnots. Here is where "this leaking shit" is not OK. There's something to be said to having all the same employees working one album and where they can all benefit from the profits of the whole album. Then a leak of one song wouldn't be so financially detrimental. It would be a preview.

But there are four small positives to a leak of this nature:

1. It's press coverage: more build-up for her album release in late September. July is a long way from September and her press for "Woman's World" has died down. This is better than a sneak peak. It's drama.

2. It's mind-boggling: In search of an answer to a submitted question to Cher Scholar, I'm re-watching all the Sonny & Cher TV shows, (yes, that's how dedicated I am to Cher scholarin), and this gives me pause to consider that Cher was huge in 1973 and now 40 FREAKIN YEARS LATER we are talking about a leak to a new Cher song! At this point, its beyond phenomenal. And on the flip side, would anyone have cared about a leak of a song from Cherished or I'd Rather Believe in You? Nobody's writing about leaks from new Jackie DeShannon albums (God love her).

3. It shuts down crabby fans like me who will eternally complain about their cravings to hear it. Which is mind-boggling that we even feel this way being Cher fans. When you consider all her 32+ studio and soundtrack albums, six seasons of TV show songs, (at an average of four songs per episode...if you break the Sonny & Cher medley into two), and all the material from other special TV appearances, our catalogue of Cher songs is really an embarrassment of riches. But we seem to be the insatiable zombies I have always thought we were.

3. It's a good song, even this version, and it's given me a new Cher fantasy. If only you knew how I hate it when artists ask their crowds to sing parts of their songs for them. They turn the microphone out to the audience and the masses sing the chorus of some hit. Manipulated love and what a rip off. Like I don't need to pay to hear myself sing, you know. However, this song has made me reconsider my grouchiness on this point. What a moment that would be to hear all Cher fans in a big crowd singing the lyrics of "The Greatest Thing" back to her. I get verklempt!

4. My life was in the shithole last week and for three minutes it wasn't. If I can send money somehow to Cher or Lady Gaga I would be happy to.