(You)Tubed but not Contained

Cherhair Some interesting links this week...a bootleg from the Love Hurts tour (which I have not seen in its entirety). Those dancers kill me...they twirl around forever, Cher shouts out "Love is a Battlefield" and then the shirtless kilt guy...WTF?


I actually had a discussion this week with a friend about who had the best 80s, female rock voice: Pat Benatar or Ann Wilson. (And don’t complain that I didn’t say Cher. We were talking about best voice for that 80s sound. I think Cher's voice is larger than that.) My friend saw Heart over the weekend and said Ann Wilson was amazing. But Pat’s voice is operatic and her songs seem harder to pull off to me.

Our Cher friend Tyler has a fantastic assemblage of Cher video history on his You Tube page:


Don’t forget to check out the his playlists, either. Tyler is the Cher video master! His latest playlist is full of all the commercials and infomercials:


Tyler reminded us all recently about when we all used to stay up all nite enduring endless infomercials to get Cher’s latest infomercial taped onto our VCR. I taped the first 5 seconds of twenty or so infomercials on the Ionic Breeze because I didn’t want to miss a second of Lori Davis exposing the benefits of her hair tonics. By the way, I LOVED those infomercials. Uninterrupted Cher, faux-science seriousness, clubs and kits. Loved it! Why everyone got so upset...I’ll never quite understand. Look for an essay on these infomercials in the next Cher Zine.

This also Reminds me, I posted my All I Ever Need is You essay from the last zine a week or so ago.

Tomm, the owner of the Yahoo! Cher list created a very fun Cher quiz online. You have to register to get your answers and results but it’s a quality test...and I’m not just saying that because I missed three.