Christmas with Cher, 2021
New Cher Channel Videos

Cher Takes Over Smells, Slippers, Cosmetics and More

WisdomHappy 2022, Cher fans. Taking a moment to catch-up on all the great Cher stuff happening right now.

WisdomofsoundA few months ago Cher contributed to the 2021 Wisdom of Sound with her Miley Cyrus song "I Hope You Find It." This was a benefit concert for the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery and Nagi Nunnery in Nepal. Cher made an appearance, Richard Gere hosted and the live-stream included Laurie Anderson (also love; where else could Anderson and Cher appear together??), Jon Batiste, Norah Jones, Angelique Kidjo, Steve Miller Band, Gregory Porter, and Maggie Rogers.

Last year Cher also released an offshoot of her Eau du Couture line, scents from the decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) for sale at Walmart in a larger bottle and small roller-ball bottles. I've been asking my friends to do blind smell tests to identify the decades. How bizarre this seems to locate a certain scent for an entire decade. I'm curious to know if there is consensus on this wild experiment. More on that later (I'll be testing family members in Cleveland soon). So far the younger kids are doing better at guessing the decades although they weren't around for some of them. 

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Cher has also done big things for Ugg in just one week. Here's their Cher page:


Here's the tweet on the power of Cher:














More ugg pics:

Ugg2 Ugg2 Ugg2







The Ugg ad in Cher's Malibu house:

But that's not all. MAC Cosmetics this week has also unveiled a big campaign with Cher and the rapper Saweetie:

Macad1 Macad1 Macad1








The MAC ads:

And that's not all! Late last year Scent Beauty released a body lotion for Eau du Couture and Cher went on HSN to promote it. Frustratingly, you could only get the lotion in combination as part of a set. But then they offered it as a one-off if you purchased other Scent Beauty products, so I bought my friend a few of the new Dolly Parton perfumes for Christmas and snared my body lotion that way. Now it seems you can just buy the lotion separately. It was like a Christmas shakedown.

Hsndec21 Hsndec21






Cher on HSN:


OwnwordsI was reviewing my date calendar from last year (it's full of quotes to inspire) and found I missed this Cher quote from April 2021: “If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen.”

I have no memory of this quote by Cher, at least in the famous quote pages and books…yes there’s a book of Cher quotes.



Mrms-2And best news of all, after over a year of hiatus I'm finally back on track with the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour episodes with what I think is a very good lost episode, #56 from December 12, 1973. There are only 11 more episodes for this first variety show series. Then we move on to Cher solo shows.



These ad campaigns are so fun! Something I don't think I've ever thought or said before :)

Mary (CS)

I am feeling the same way. Do you think that speaks to the time we're living through? Or something interesting about them?


I feel happy to see a fun, "hip", modern, and admiring spotlight on Cher in the media. And two out at the same time! It came with a lot of new press too. It does feel like a light in the dark.

Regarding her UGG ad, she said she saw an opportunity to show a side of herself not normally seen ( and I think they achieved that. It's an intimate video of her reflecting, being funny, chilling in her most sacred space with her cat, watching a movie in her private theater, on her bed meditating, lighting a candle in her living room, and talking to her mom on the phone. Like wow.
I think the closest thing we've gotten to that are interviews she did in her house with Oprah decades ago.

The MAC ad is more like candy, but I love how Saweetie (who is hot in the hip hop scene right now) is admiring her and it's catchy and flamboyant, Take Me Home is playing, and it's also fun to see her in her Time-reminiscent gown.


do you have the, supposedly, 13 episodes of The Sonny Comedy Revue?
and if i can ask where did you obtain all these shows? it's cool that you even know what number
and the date they aired.

Mary (CS)

I agree with all of this. Well said.

Mary (CS)

I have actually never seen a single episode of The Sonny Review, and barely a clip of it. Not sure what vault is housing those things. There are show episode guides online you can find to see the order and dates they originally aired.


what did u mean S&CS episode #56 from December 12, 1973, is ‘lost’ unless you are in Australia? Im in Australia and I’d love to see it, but I don’t think it was ever seen on cable tv

Mary (CS)

Hi Brad, I don't know for sure what aired in Australia, but back in the 1990s I was getting my bootlegs from an Australian woman who taped them off TV1, which looks like it shut down in 2013: The show is stamped with the TV1 logo and you can see it on some of the screenshots.

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