Cher and Kaavan the Elephant
Lost TV Land Commercial with Sonny

Cher Puzzles

Puzzle As if times weren't difficult enough last month with the pandemic, but now we're feeling such national suffering over the death of George Floyd and the aftermath of horrific violence in this country (police violence, school violence, street violence)'s a hot, sick mess. So I hesitate to tell anyone to not be active in civic engagement (and do puzzles instead). But if you're losing your mind or when things calm down, I hear puzzles are calming these days and have made a comeback during the long weekend of covid-19. 

Mr. Cher Scholar recently finished a 1,000 piece puzzle of Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium. And that made me wonder if a Cher puzzle would entice me to do a puzzle after 51 years. So I went online to look for Cher puzzles. 

I didn't find much, just a few make-your-own puzzles stuff.  But I did find this cool online Cher puzzle:

I also found the puzzle pictured here (which if you open the enlarged version, you can see Sonny, Cher and Chaz):

They say puzzles are hard to come by during the long weekend. Maybe Cher merch would consider a sanctioned puzzle, something hard, like a fleet of screaming sailors with Cher strutting in a sailor hat, 1,000 pieces minimum. 


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