Cher in Suberbowl 54 (with Bill Murray)
The Newport Pop Festival of 1968

Cher Hair Advice Circa 1966

One of the great benefits of Cher on Twitter is all the Cher advice. Myself, I miss doing "Ask Cher Scholar." Maybe a new zine is due. The self-help advice industry has us all drowning in personal improvement projects. This is actually my topic this year for NaPoWriMo in a few months. Check for a poem a day in April.

And although it's made us globally into a culture of narcissists, I still love some good beauty tips. It's why I love the much maligned Cher infomercials. So I love reading Cher's self-help column in 16 Magazine issues from the 1960s.

I imagine PR folk from the magazine meeting Sonny & Cher in Manhattan conference rooms hashing out responses everyone in the room could live with. Here are three good examples I found on Pinterest. Click to enlarge.

16-sonny-cher-locked-up 16-sonny-cher-locked-up 16-sonny-cher-locked-up










I would love to see a new Cher beauty book come out, but this one talking about historical beauty trends through the years. It would be a great laugh to talk about the crazy beauty sh*t we did back in the day. I think it would actually have archaeological significance!

I also like to think about all those kids (no grandparents) writing these letters to 745 Fifth Avenue in NYC. There are no dates in these screenshots. But from pictures I'm guessing this looks like they happened in 1965 or 1966.

The two hair letters answered by Cher:

“I’ve found that a good brushing (with your head down) with a natural bristle (not nylon) every morning and night helps to solve dry hair problems. Try an olive oil or a baby oil massage once a week and then wrap your hair in a town dipped in very hot water and wrung out. Wash out the oil with a mild shampoo and use a crème rinse afterwards. Try spraying your hair lightly with a lanolin hair spray. Stay away from prolonged hair clips-and never go swimming without wearing a tight bathing cap. I think it would serve you well to order 16’s Beauty and Popularity Book. It covers most hair problems in depth. Thank you for the lovely compliment on my hair. Good luck."

I'm sure Cher went around saying things like, "it would serve you well." It had to be Cher answering these, right?

More advice on how long it takes to grow your own Cher hair:

“I had my hair cut very short when I was 16, and it’s been growing every [sic] since. I keep it about 24 inches long, and cut off an inch or so every three months. If you watch the ends, when yours starts to split, cut a little off and your hair will grow in faster and healthier. Good luck!

Boo 16 Magazine. Boo. No one proofread these? More Cher beauty recommends through the years. 


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