Cher in John Lennon’s Rock and Roll
Cher and Trump, an MMA Fighter, the Super Bowl, and Who is this Cher Person?

Cher and Madonna, Kate Hudson, Bang Bang

MadonnaThe blog Cher News came back with some tidbits in August:

- David Shelley, one of Cher’s guitarists passed away. The story has pics of Cher singing with him.
- A good compilation post of anthemic Cher mixes (listen at work!)

In the news...

It seems Kate Hudson has come out saying she's been inspired by Cher. I don't really see it but...

My friend Christopher sent me this clip, Buddha Bar’s chill-out version of “Bang Bang.”

Mads2Cher tweeted about people comparing her to Madonna. Here are some concepts for scholarship so you can do your own comparison (play the fun home game version!):

  • Amount of reinventions over how long a period of time
  • Likeability, relatability
  • Types of personality qualifications (TV, film, music, stage)
  • Video presence versus variety show presence
  • Voice conventions
  • Beauty conventions
  • Acting reviews
  • Intellectual/cultural point of view, something to say
  • Types of Billboard success
  • As gay icon



Madonna has an absolutely ZERO likability quotient. She is a nasty, selfish bitch and it is apparent in everything she does. AND as far as "voice conventions" - she has too weak of a singing voice which is so often very flat that the only thing you can say is "conventionally dull"! JUST SAYIN'!

Cher Scholar

That you for that very passionate contribution to the discussion Dishy! ;-) I was having a conversation with a Madonna scholar about these things and he agreed on the likability issue and that Cher has a much more distinct voice. And he said she was more beautiful in her facial features. Madonna is unbeatable in her number of Billboard hits (not something that's a matter of taste). Cher trumps in acting. We felt they were both pretty equal as gay icons.

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