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Cher Endorses Heidi Shink

CeremonyCOVERSo Heidi Shink, Chaz Bono’s former girlfriend, is running for city council in West Hollywood. This is her page:

For the record, I kind of like Heidi Shink. She seems to have spunk. And like Lou Grant, I like spunk. She also came across well in the book Becoming Chaz when Chaz describes the hullabaloo their band endured at the hands of their producer Mark Hudson. (Remember Husdson was Cher’s friend going back to the late 1970s, appearing with her and the Hudson brothers on Merv Griffin’s daytime show and co-writing her tribute to her failed relationship to Gregg Allman, "My Song."

Cherhudson Forget about harassment, team Shink had me when Mark Hudson started painting his beard.

But wasn’t Cher’s song “Disaster Cake” about Heidi Shink? Am I mixing Chaz girlfriends here? Do I have my lazy scholarship down right?

"Disaster Cake" doesn’t sound too much like an endorsement. It's true, maybe Heidi was young and silly then. Maybe she’s more endorse-able now. In any case, I think we need a new song. I propose “Best-for-West-Hollywood Cake.”

Stories about the endorsement:

Story about the hysteria caused by the endorsement:



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