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Cher Photographed in Spring

Cher and Bob Dylan

DylanCher scholar Robrt Pela did some research on Cher and Bob Dylan and found this very cool video explaining the initial meeting between Cher and Bob Dylan as pictured to the left. 

They met other times, however. Dylan was on David Geffen’s record label while Cher dated Geffen. She also ran into him while with Gregg Allman. See the photos below.

Bob Dylan always seems happy to see her and yet equally happy to dis her in regards to her version of “All I Really Want to Do” and his comment about calling “Dark Lady” trash when she played it for him and Geffen back in 1974.

To paraphrase what Rosie O’Donnell once said about Sonny, “Sit and spin, Bob Dylan!”

Out-take of the above meeting:


Cher singing happy birthday to Bob Dylan in 1974:



In the late 1970s:












Peter Viney

Great to see the 1974 photo. it's David Geffen's birthday, not Dylan's. Tom King's biography of David Geffen says:
“When the initial cheers died down, Cher began a short musical program by singing ‘Happy Birthday to You.’ She then sang “All I Really want To Do” with Dylan singing harmony and The Band playing backup. After Cher and Rick Danko sang Mockingbird, the program ended with Dylan singing Mr Tambourine Man.
See also my piece on Cher at "Toppermost":

Cher Scholar

Thanks you Peter for the correction on the birthday. I'll check out the King bio! It's great to read these details!

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