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Cher Walks Down Memory Lane

SoncherIt's fascinating and unusual-seeming when Cher does things everybody else does, like visit places where you used to live. Maybe she's been feeling nostalgic. 

TMZ reports Cher revisited one of her S&C homes, apparently one of the early ones, said to be off Lauren Canyon Drive in the Hollywood Hills where S&C lived around 1964-5 before the money started rolling in and they moved to Encino, the “Good Times” house.

She hadn’t been back for 49 years and she just dropped in “unannounced,” the way only celebrities can.

Current homeowner, Daniel Dreifussher, was not at home. I guess you should never leave your house in case some celebrity who once lived there happens by. Dreifussher's roommate answered the door and Cher was there with her two assistants (cum backup bodyguards).

She was described as “down to earth and super sweet.” Apparently she wasn’t able to see her old bedroom, however, which is too bad because she says she spent all her time in their bedrooms.

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