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Cher in the Midwest

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(Cher in St. Louis, left)

Lincoln, Nebraska

"Cher entertains with spectacular Lincoln show."

 Kansas City, Missouri

"Cher pulls out all the stops at Sprint Center concert...Cher opened the show standing atop a 20-foot pillar; she ended it riding an enclosed platform high over the arena floor, waving to fans regally, like the icon she is...At times this show felt like one long and lavish valediction [an act or expression of leave-taking]...prompted raucous ovations from a crowd that spanned three generations...For her finale, as she sang the inspirational ballad “I Hope You Find It,” Cher rode that platform to the back of the arena, as if in the midst of heavenly ascension. She would return to the stage to bow and wave and blow kisses to all corners of the arena. If that truly was her last farewell, it lifted her stature to greater heights.

St. Louis, Missouri

I grew up in St. Louis and so I'm always interested in how she plays there. My first Cher concert ever was in 1989 at the St. Louis Arena downtown (since demolished). What I liked about the latest review there was that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch linked to the review of the Farewell show review there in 2002. You can definitely read a change from that review to this show. Not that much has changed about the show. Something has changed about their attitudes about Cher.

The 2002 Farewell Review

"Cher came to Savvis Center on Monday night to a packed house, was style-heavy and substance-free, appropriate since that sums up most of Cher's music history. It also describes her last tour, the one for "Believe" a few years ago…What Cher offered during her quickly moving 100-minute concert was good, dumb fun."

Some back-handed compliments there all of which was toned down in this year's review:

"Cher razzles, dazzles...Over the course of 18 songs, the consummate entertainer delivered a fabulous time full of rock classics, dance favorites, ‘80s power ballads and obligatory new tunes, all having their own place in the show...The show was free of any thought-provoking subtext, but rather a celebration of all things Cher. She promised ridiculous outfits and fabulousness, and that's what she gave...The packed house ate up every morsel. “I haven’t gotten this reaction anywhere,” she said. “You all are on drugs.”...Cher, whose costume changes numbered about a dozen...the fact she can still pull it off is to her credit."

Milwaukee, Wisconcin

"Mick Jagger might still be rocking out in his senior years — but let's see him try to pull off a Rolling Stones show with exposed butt cheeks and a thong...And without those "stupid costumes" — which were unapologetically gaudy, and undeniably impressive — Cher wouldn't be so fabulous...Yes, the tour was dressed up to kill, an overstimulating spectacle that compensated for any of Cher's shortcomings. But it's a testament to the music that the show could span so seamlessly between '60s hits and 2013 material like "Woman's World." Cher's steady contralto never faltered, either, across an hour and 40 minutes...And during the night's quieter moments, Cher reminded us of why she is so captivating. There was a sweet and sentimental video duet with the late Sonny Bono for "I Got You Babe." A cover of Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis" was a warmhearted tribute of sorts to Elvis Presley (probably wise she didn't take on the King head-on). And one of the set list's least celebrated songs — "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," from her more-or-less forgotten musical "Burlesque" — was a memorable display of an impressive vocal range delivered with patented diva drama...With Friday's concert, Cher became only the 10th act to headline the Bradley Center at least four times. The others: Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, Tim McGraw, Yanni, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen, who has headlined the arena seven times, more than anyone else...Best merch item: A glittery Cher tumbler for $25."

"As timing would have it, Cher and Cyndi Lauper's Milwaukee concert happened the same day that Wisconsin's gay marriage ban was overturned. But while both pop stars are outspoken advocates for LGBT rights, neither spoke up about the ruling....Some artists nurse water during a show. Others beer. Cher's drink of choice: Dr Pepper. But she said she was trying to kick it, so Friday she was sipping Dr Pepper watered down with Perrier.

Also came across this paper's review of Closer To the Truth: "My Love" is a dizzying, heart-fluttering melodrama, "I Walk Alone" (co-written by P!nk) is an apt soundtrack for empowered speed-strutting (or jogging, or dancing), and, with her charged contralto, she dominates album-opener "Woman's World," co-written and produced by Paul Oakenfold." But while "Closer" can be campy fun, the truth is it picks up right where 1998's "Believe" left off, with minimal updates to bring her European dance club sound to the 21st century."

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