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Cher in Elle Magazine

ElleI went out last Monday and the Elle Magazine issue with Miley Cyrus was already on the shelves. I am terrible at breaking news.

Anyway, the piece is a disappointing single photo with only a quarter-page of text. But Elle does a lot with that little bit of text. First of all, Cher the only artist in the spread who didn't start a career decades ago, (unless you count Neneh Cherry from the 1980s). This is a list of young upstarts including Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Jetta, Warpaint, Lilly Allen (a new Mr. Cher Scholar favorite), Banks, Kacey Musgraves, and Foxes.

It's also interesting that they focus on the idea of Cher not liking the words legend, icon and diva. They then go on to describe why she is a legend, icon and diva.

It is comforting to know Cher doesn’t go around her house declaring she’s a diva. But this is a good time to note the difference between Cher the person and Cher the product/media image. The person is one thing, a private person we may never know. But as a media product, as a brand…Cher is a legendary word. Even if she distances her self personally from the word (which sounds like a healthy move to me), I hope she can take pride in the company name.




I am almost finished with the Josh Howard book.
LOVED IT..... I could not put it down when I got the chance to read it and actually read most of it one late nite. Wish he would do others on S&C and other variety shows and their shows.

Lets, see.... ALL I heard were wonderful things about cher from everyone involved with or appearing on the show... even, the 2nd season, everyone could see there was trouble that cher was having, yet, she
still did her best to be a consummate performer...
SHE did not tell anyone the show was over or that they were out of a job or agree to help give any kind of positive exit or closure for the crew according to the book...
she is a DIVA...

MARY, lets re-vamp her tour.
May 3rd was May Sarton's
B'day.. I opened a cassette of her reading her poems and listened to it... I had the cassette for a couple of years, but,
never listened to it.
it was strange to hear the voice of person you have never met; but, know, so well, through her journals...
I actually didn't know she would speak with an accent...how could I not know that knowing she is from Europe and Belgium I believe.

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