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The countdown to Cher’s opening night of the Dressed to Kill tour is ticking down. The big news last week (and it was BIG NEWS) was that Bob Mackie had stepped out of doing Cher's costumes for the tour, despite Cher’s pleas to "end with her." That has a sad ring to it.

Reports said that "other commitments have since prompted 73-year-old Mackie to withdraw, leaving Cher to put her faith in Hugh Durant, a British designer she previously worked with in 2003." --

Cher reminded us that Mackie has made all of her costumes since 1972! That is over 40 years. 

Not only did some of my Cher friends notify me about Cher’s tweets a few days ago, but the story has been posted everywhere, including:

Bob responded in Us Magazine: "Nobody wanted to design this last tour more than I did! I am sick about it. My professional and business commitments were just too great. There simply was not enough time to give this wonderful project the proper amount of care and attention it deserves.  After all these years of collaborating, it is like turning down your own little sister, and how many guys have a little sister like Cher.”

This is news on top of previous tweets that rehearsals have been a bit rough on Cher. The desert air has been hard on her voice, the new songs stretch her vocal range and a crew member was recently killed in a car crash.

 Her arrival to Phoenix last week made the local news and the opening show is coming in 7 days.

Cher News also reports you can get some tour merch before your shows from her website shop:

I truly have always wanted a Cher lunchbox. If only I were 7 again! The mug would be filled with Campbell’s tomato soup and the rest with a bologna sandwich and a Twinkie or a Chocodile.

I will try to post again about the tour next Saturday night (and if possible tweet out news).



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