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Cher Puts Fans in the Driver's Seat with New Set List

New Additions to the Cher Doll Christmas Tree

7It's Christmas time again and so that means it was also the time to put up the Cher doll Christmas tree last week and take blurry pictures of it with my iPhone.

This first picture shows my favorite Cher outfit and doll outfit (Foxy Lady) from the Cher show. And since full episodes of that show have not been re-aired in totally, I'm really enjoying reading about them episode by episode in thew new Josiah Howard book.






6The Mother Goose outfit from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour was this year's addition to the tree. Love it!









4 5 










I located a Santa hat for the Sonny angel, procured from the head of a little stuffed bear. When I removed the hat from the bear, there was a smaller Santa hat underneath glued to the bear's head. This was a superfluous hat!

3 2











Was also able to fulfill a life-long dream...which was to live in a house with a fireplace mantle so I could put my Mego Cher makeup head on it for Christmas. I ordered a child's size Santa hat which ended up being too big (but which is working in a sultry kind of way). Because the Mego makeup head is bare-shouldered, she looked a bit too naked for my Aunts who will be visiting next weekend. So I added the jester neck piece (which I bought for my dog Franz two years ago).

Merry Christmas to all the festive Cher Zombies around the world!




OK that fireplace totally rocks! Your tree is very nice and I'm surprised it doesn't collapse under the CHER weight of all the dolls. High five Mr CHER Scholar for the Chiefs win today...

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