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Wig2MY MOVE IS OVER. Finally! Geesh.Thank god.

In 1977, I left Albuquerque in the middle of watching The Sonny & Cher Show (1977, age 7). Thirty-seven years later I’ve moved back to Albuquerque at age 44 and am again watching the show by way of TV Land's old airings in a Cher Scholar special request research project to find the Vamp episode that contains “Wine for Caesar.”

Cher’s new video coincides with my quest because I’m assuming Renate Leuschner created the amazing paper wig in the video. I’m seeing some amazing wigs again on the Sonny & Cher shows…not just by “Rena” as she went by in the show's credits, nor "Renata" as she went by in Celebration at Caesars or Renate Leuschner as she appears in the the  Wig1credits of some Cher movies (like Mask) and concert programs. This woman is a brilliant wig artist. I have many favorites re-watching the shows (some are not quite culturally appropriate anymore but that’s another essay). My all-time favorite (started by the prior wig maker on the show Jim Oertel), is the bun made up of many buns. I also love the wig of braids that look like the wig-equivalent of a jungle gym.




wasn't that the vamp skit with larry storch?
I have that on dvd.


The paper wig is not my favorite but it's amazing!!

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