Boston Globe's Comments About Cher
Cher Standup From 1995

Cher Back to Russia, Woman's World News

CherhatOooh! Cher holding a cowboy hat. That's almost as good as Cher in a cowboy hat. Cher is at LAX on her way to Russia for a performance.

Cher News and Cher World are also reporting that the "Woman's World" single (and I hope video) will be released soon in June. is offering a premiere listen. Note: I can only get the song to play in Google Chrome.

Cher also indicated that the Lady Gaga single is now off the album. I'm not too torn up about this, myself. I didn't like the Gaga version on the YouTubes and that song is like "so two years ago."


Rob in Michigan

She looks like one of the Ramones in that pic.

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