More Rumors: Cher Kids in Crisis
TV Alert: Cher to Be on Leno and Ellen

VCR Alert: More Promo for Cher's Mom's Day Special

Georganne-genhospThis week Cher scholar Dishy sent me links to a recent interview Cher's sister, Georganne LaPiere, gave to Greg in Hollywood. In part one, Georganne talks about life on General Hospital and Greg seems like a legitimate fan of the soap opera.

Part two goes into her reaction to Chaz transgendering, her relationship to Cher (how Cher basically raised her) and all the perks of being Cher's sister, how she got Cher involved in a project with her mom and a hint about what we might be seeing in next month's special.



Read the interviews here:

- Interview Part 1

- Interview Part 2

VCR Alert:

Also Cher News is reporting that Cher and her mom, Georgia Holt, will be appearing on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday April 30.



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