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VCR Alert: More Promo for Cher's Mom's Day Special

More Rumors: Cher Kids in Crisis

For the last month or so rumors have cropped up about Cher having troubles with her children. In March, The National Enquirer (I hate to even legitimize them with italics) printed a story about Elijah Blue relapsing. This week, stories are all over about Cher being in a rift with Chaz. Chaz recently appeared on the show The Doctors after losing around 45 pounds. Stories are up on:

All sites report the same text, tracking it all back to "a source close to Cher," all tabloidishly vague on the details of the fissure. Meanwhile both Chaz and Cher have posted happy pics together. Nothing we read anywhere is conclusive of anything, even coming from Cher. We should probably wait for the next Chaz tell-all to sort things out.

Cherlij  Cherchaz



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