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Margaret Thatcher Hashtag Confuses Cher Fans

Cher scholar Robrt sent me this link today: Margaret Thatcher Hashtag Confuses Cher Fans

As I mentioned to him, the headline irks me for two reasons:

  1. Not only fans were confused, and
  2. The headline and article play into the media's idea that Cher fans, particularly Americans it pains to point out, are dumb and entertainment-obsessed. Forget the fact that we do give off this impression for a minute. Did you ever see that story about how certain lawyers were asking jury pools if they were Cher fans...because Cher fans are more gullible:

Howard Varinsky, the jury consultant for prosecutors in the Martha Stewart case, who advises potential jurors be asked who their favorite famous person is. Varinsky told Crowley that a person who chooses Ronald Reagan rather than Cher, for example, might be too smart for defense lawyers to accept in a complex case. “In a case where you have a lot of complex information to process, I think you would want somebody who likes Cher.” Source

Cher fans need to do what that New Mexico liscence plate recommended to me last Thursday, Nerd Up!

#nowthatchersdead -- why are those Brits always so verbose anyway?


Laurie Dudley

According to this from the Guardian, this was, following in a now grand tradition of Cher's death-related Twitter tomfoolery, a joke that was taken too seriously. Admittedly, yes, by Brits who are looking for evidence of American/youthful ignorance:

"[S]omeone deliberately misread a hashtag, composed a sarcastic tweet suggesting that it was Cher who had died and watched as people repeated it again and again until a handful of journalists and Ricky Gervais decided that it was a genuine trend, even though it wasn't."

Cher Scholar

That's good perspective Laurie...thank you for talking me down. :-)

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