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Cher at AFI Event

Afi2Cher introduced Moonstruck at a recent AFI event. You can watch the video of photographers yelling at Cher on the red carpet at Cher World.

Cher was photographed with Demi Moore Cherdemiand the website The Stir commented on how good they looked and how much they look alike.








  Cherafi3 Cherafi5



The class photo included Kathy Bates, Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Sally Field, Sidney Poitier, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel and Peter Fonda. Mike Myers not pictured. From Cher World:

The event was 'Target presents AFI Night at The Movies', and other stars included: Cher's 'If These Walls Could Talk' co-star Demi Moore presenting 'Ghost'; Shirley MacLaine presenting 'Terms of Endearment'; Samuel L. Jackson presenting 'Pulp Fiction'; Harrison Ford presenting 'Blade Runner: The Final Cut'; Peter Fonda presenting 'Easy Rider'; Sally Field presenting 'Norma Rae'; Kathy Bates presenting 'Misery'; Mike Myers presented 'Shrek'; Sidney Poitier presented 'In The Heat of The Night'; Cher's 'Silkwood' co-star Kurt Russell presented 'The Thing'; and Kevin Spacey presented 'The Usual Suspects'.

More photos at Cher World.

Cher also attended a TCM event at Grauman's Theatre Friday night looking like an old-style movie star with TCMs Robert Osbourne.

Oldstyle Robby



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