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Reconfigured Cher Book?

TV and Album Stuff Upcoming; Good New Cher Remix, New S&C Cover

WwCher Album News

So it's already March and there is no build-up going on for a new Cher album. There are only rumors she will perform at next year's Grammy awards (but didn't she say that last year?). Sure enough, her latest twitter reports indicate that the album may as yet be unfinished. 

GPhilly put it well as a tack-on to her tweet about all these delays:

Pop goddess Cher took to Twitter over the weekend to talk about her new album, tweeting, “As an artist whose last release was 11 yrs ago!I  want 2 sing my heart out! Some think I haven’t sung because I no longer Can..Its is why I’ve taken so Long..I want it 2B perfect.” The release date is scheduled for not-soon-enough.

GayStarNews reports on another tweet regarding the album:

'All the songs in this CD have notes so high only dogs will hear them!' Cher claims. 'Notes should go lower as singers get older. Ahh…well… You Haven’t Seen the Last Of Me blew that! Think those are my highest notes? All of the songs on this CD have choruses that are nose bled/break glass notes!'

Both Cher World and Cher News reported on Cher's comments about the new DJ Mz Poppins remix of "Woman's World."

Cher called it "Truly Superb!...don’t know how she got vocal only??" Cher also said “Had To Hear It JUST One More Time ! You Rock’n It With Those STRINGS MZ”

Cher World says, "In my opinion it is by FAR the best remix of Woman’s World, much better than the original remix from Paul Oakenfold.  This version is unique and makes you feel!"

I totally agree that this remix pumps some life into the song. Although the ubiquitous drum beat intro to these remixes truly fatigues me in my old age, I like the stronger driving main beat and the weaving synth...all which detracts from the lackluster lyric. Her remix also gives the song distinctive movements, specifically halfway through with "Love hurts" we slow back down for a rebuild. All mucho interesting. The DJ Mz Poppins remix can be found here.

CmTurner Classic Movies

Cher News has been faithfully following Cher tweets (it's truly the Lord's work) and reports Cher's news that she will be returning to TCM in April to co-host a Friday night show with "Robby" Osbourne.

John and I just watched The Caine Mutiny (1954) with Humphrey Bogart this weekend on TCM. I love that movie. It foreshadows Jack Nicholson's infamous breakdown in A Few Good Men and has a great scene with José Ferrer dressing down his clients in the final scene. There is no clear villain in this movie. You actually feel bad for Lt. Queeg.

New Acclaimed Sonny & Cher Cover

American artist Mark Koelek released a solo album this month called Like Rats which includes a cover of Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe." Lindsay Eanet in Black Book Mag gives it a good review:

Mk"Mark Kozelek Covered Sonny & Cher and It Is Beautiful... of the standouts here is the stomach-dropping closer, a simultaneously gentle and devastating take on Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.” And how quickly the warm, fuzzy Sonny and Cher classic turns into a spare, heart-wrenching tale of desperation, of a broken man, down on his luck, clinging to the one thing he has left in this life: his babe. This is how you do covers, people. Kozelek is a reminder that covering a song can actually still be an artistic statement and really create the song anew as opposed to just making overly precious folk versions of rap songs for YouTube, perky college a cappella arrangements or soulless, grinning Glee soundtrack reproductions. And thank God for that."

Never has "I don't know if all that's true" sounded so desperately resigned. You can buy the song on iTunes.



Where did you find that WOMAN'S WORLD art? If that's the real deal, I have to say, NOT BAD!

Bruce Barton

Woman's World is fan art and the release date of the "single" will be in June with a September release date for the cd. My sense of things is that Woman's World will NOT be the first single. It will be put on the shelve and one of the PINK songs will be the chosen one.

Rob in Michigan

Mark Kozelek also records under the name Sun Kil Moon and his "Admiral Fell Promises" album from 2010 is one of my all time faves. Really a fantastically beautiful and melancholy album.

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