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Reviews of New Single

SingleI still have high hopes for the new Cher album, which is now rumoured to drop in late March. We shall see. I guess this might also mean the new Cher biography, Strong Enough (not being strong enough itself to avoid being strung along all year by recurringly-delayed album release dates), will be published next year as well.

And...I'm also hopeful the album is being described by Cher as "eclectic."

Reviews of the first single aren't terrible. They just aren't great.

Cher scholar Dishy forwarded to me the Entertainment Weekly review:

“Cher’s voice still has enough seismic boom to knock out a power grid, but the new dance-the-heartache-away jam from Our Lady of Perpetual Comeback suffers from a tinny club beat and lame lyrics about ‘dancing so low in the dark on the club floor’—both of which already sound more dated than anything in her 1998 Auto-Tune anthem ‘Believe.’” C+

At least EW likes her voice these days.

My friend Christopher (if not a Cher fan, someone I would describe as "Cher positive") had this to say:

I've listened to it three times now.  It's okay--not terrible, but it's a little bit repetitive, and there's nothing new or exciting about the music--it sounds like mid 90s house music, especially the thump-thump at the beginning. 

It's too bad that she isn't leading the album's release with a song that has a more pop feel to it.  There's no way this track--which is very club-oriented--will crossover to the Top 40.  Though I can totally see a club full of shirtless gay guys jumping up and down and belting out the lyrics.  By the way, the lyrics are very generic.  And how many more "I'm strong enough to rise above" songs do we need from her?
I think what I like best about it is the gusto of her singing.  She sounds committed.


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