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Cher Scholar's Visit to Another Cher Scholar

Mr. Cher Scholar and I went to NYC to see The Book of Mormon. We both loved it so much we bought the book and CD. Another reason I wanted to get back to NYC was for the food.

ThanksgivingMy Thanksgiving dinner from HopKee in Chinatown.

Prawns with walnuts and a white-wine sauce. A-MA-ZING.

(Click photos to enlarge) 


I also wanted some long-missed NYC street foods: bagels (scallion cream cheese on garlic bagel), a knish (from the truck behind me), and real pizza!

Bagel Knish Pizza





Cher Moments: Everywhere we saw these Moonstruck cafes, which I don't remember seeing when I lived there in the late 1990s. We also went to see the Katharine Hepburn costume exhibit outside the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, so I took the fountain picture from the scene outside the opera in Moonstruck. Also a picture of Cyndi Lauper's new Broadway show.

Cafe Moonstruck Cyndi 





Other cool finds: We stayed in a brownstone in Chelsea and our neighborhood CVS was a converted bank. I caught a leaf falling in Central Park.

Cvs Centralpark 










Another reason I wanted to go to NYC around Thanksgiving was to see all the Christmas window displays. The most amazing included one in Chelsea/Greenwich Village that was inspired by pages of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time which Mr. Cher Scholar and I are both reading right now. We also visited the Macy's on 34th Street. One window had an interactive computer display which John modeled for.

Proust Macys2 Macys 












We also visited Yonkers and Sarah Lawrence where I used to live and where went to grad school. We visited our friends Ann and Michael up there. The lion is from the ruins of the Greystone Mansion on the aqueduct trail.

Yonkers Sarahlawrence Hudsonriver  







One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Cher scholar Dishy finally after all these years. He invited us over to his house to see his Cher Lair. Mr. Cher Scholar gallantly went with me and endured teasing over his mishearing of Cher lyrics, most notably his singing months ago, "The black lady laughed at me and lit the candles one by one" and that weekend's listening to Cher's new single and saying, "It's no Song for the People."


IMG_8354Dishys house is both tasteful (see left) and a neatly packed Cher library.







He is the most organized Cher collector I've met. He has his cassettes, 8-Tracks, 45s, books, albums, dolls and DVDs all contained in a very compact lair, easy to access if needed at any time.






He had to school me in what Reel-to-Reels are.








I was very impressed with his Uninhibited display in the bathroom. This inspires me to try such at display in the guest bathroom of Cher Scholar.






He also had some nice items from Sanctuary, decorative wall items and incense (smartly displayed as related to Dishys Harry Potter library).

IMG_8350     IMG_8349 IMG_8340










And then Dishy had some beautiful posters and pictures. The most I can manage is protective poster covering from Michaels. Dishy really knows how to frame some Cher art including Dark Lady foregrounded with Half Breed through a door, a great Sonny, Cher butt and Farewell tour items.


IMG_8342 IMG_8345  





Farewellposter IMG_8375  














Dishy has some magazine covers I had never seen too, including this kooky one from the mid-70s!












IMG_8380Most amazing was the Cher stuff Dishy made himself including the poster of the Cher Special from 1978. This is not the actual poster but a Dishy repainted recreation! It's amazing.

Dishy also made the Cher CD box below. I love the cool stuff Cher fans create.











But above all (and I'm not trying to be sentimental here), the best part of the afternoon was not the great abundance of Cher stuff, it was the Cher camaraderie. I really loved hanging out with Dishy because he's smart and fun.

He made us treats including and an awesome corn dip with chile peppers. Two Cher scholars Cher scholarin!

IMG_8353 IMG_8369






Dishy also took some smokin hot pics of Mr. and Mrs. Cher Scholar.  

All in all, we had a fabulous time in NYC and can't wait to go back. Coming back, we experienced a string of sad news: we got sick, a friend of a friend...someone I knew better when I lived in NY, Nova Gutierrez, fell seriously ill (and our prayers are going out to her and her family), two of my co-workers at IAIA started experiencing some dire events in December, the Connecticut school shooting...all sad stuff that make me look back to our Thanksgiving trip with, well, thanks giving.

I'll leave it with a common sight of Cher Scholar in NYC:

ShoesCher Scholar has a shoe-tying disability.

Here is Mr. Cher Scholar finally getting frustrated enough to tie her shoes for her.



Bruce Barton

Mary, what a fabulous post and tour you've given us. I too love the Cher abundance and the manner in which he has things on display. I too am as organized as Dishy! Wonderful collection and it's always a pleasure to see things I haven't seen before. I'd give my eye teeth for a Dark Lady poster :)


Bruce Barton! You are as organized as I am with the Cher stuff!?!? We must chat! I have lots of doubles (but no extra Dark Lady poster!)

Bruce Barton

Indeed I am! Dishy you are welcome to connect with me via FACEBOOK check for my name and I live in Vancouver. Love to connect. Bruce

Bruce Barton

Dishy, that large cross you have underneath the Heart of Stone poster is to die for! I'd love to know the history behind that one.


Oh that cross is from an 18th century Frnch Graveyard - my oldest and best friend bought it for me from an antique story in Michigan! It weighs a TON! P.S. I don't do Facebook - I don't believe in it! If you email Mary she will give you my email adress!


i am the EVIL one...


I AM SO glad you had a
nice time...
i could bleed turnips...



Cher Scholar

Very nice.


That's an awesome collection! I hope cherscholar's Uninhibited perfume display in the guest bathroom will be ready for my upcoming visit.

Cher Scholar

I have thought long and hard about this. It's a beautiful display but I am too afraid my guests would use it up. I would have to lock it down under a glass cabinet with an alarm.


Lovely article.

I'm most impressed with the CD box image of Cher's face on the actual disc cases - that is a very marketable concept for box-sets surely.

A nice read, as always.

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