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Inventing David Geffen to Air on PBS Next Week

ChergeffenpremiereDavid Geffen's biopic airs November 20th. Last week Cher was at the premiere in support.

On the red carpet she spoke of their relationship saying she was crazy about him and they were in love. When asked if Geffen was gay at the time, Cher responded that at that time in his life, she was the right person for him.

Watch the video and see more pics on Cher World: http://www.cherworld.com/cher-news/cher-attends-american-masters-inventing-david-geffen/

Producer Susan Lacy talks about making the film and Cher's input:

It was a long process. During a period of four years, I was doing interviews [off and on] whenever I could. It turned out it was a really good thing that I could do that. Because the people I really wanted took two years to schedule. It took a long time to get Neil Young, for example, who tours a lot. I think Cher is a huge addition to the film, another person who's very difficult to schedule.

Reviews of the documentary:

List of A-Listers at the event: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/inventing-david-geffen-premiere-la-stars-390374 

Another PBS must-watch is tonight and tomorrow's Ken Burns documentary on the Dust Bowl. It's as relevant today with its arguments over science and man-made disasters.



Rob in Michigan

Joni Mitchell say..."Who left her long black hair in our bathtub drain?"

Rob in Michigan


tom livo

Wow just saw it and was totally impressed by the man who brought us so many great artists and works. So inspiring. Yet, I'm saddenned that Cher broke his heart. And with all due love and respect, she should be more careful in reguard to her wig selections. That banged wig made her look like a clown. She looks awesome with her real hair!

tom livo

By the way, great detective work to Rob in Michigan!

Rob in Michigan

Not sure if the Joni song is really about herself and David & Cher, but it seems plausible anyway.

Just watched the doc also and loved it! More respect for the David now. No flashes of the STARS album cover or insight into why Spector hated Geffen so much, but Cher show clip and David's Song.....which is really about David Paich, but close enough! Ha.

tom livo

I wonder if its really about David Paich now. Has she ever mentioned a word about that guy? The way it was represented seemed as though Geffen himself chose the music. Weren't they together as early as '73, before the divorce? Anyway, You are the detective, I am the dreamer. t

Rob in Michigan

David Paich wrote David's Song, and different websites credit him as Cher's boyfriend circa '72-'73. Wikipedia has his birthyear as 1954, so he would've been all of 19 in 1973! Wasn't he the one....oh wait, that was Bill Ham that was coming up to the hotel room in Vegas when she made Sonny leave the room.

I think I need to explore me some Laura Nyro. She sounded pretty great in the doc.

Cher Scholar

Did anybody notice that Cher had the same wig and the same outfit and backdrop and everything as for her interviews for Becoming Chaz? Same sitting?

And why the similar titles? Becoming Chaz, Inventing David Geffen? I hope the next in the series is "Conjuring Cher"

Rob In Michigan

She probably scheduled all her documentary interviews for the same day....cuz a superstar's time is so VERY precious, ya know.

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