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Cher's Road Rage Against Birthers and Bicyclists

ChertheroadCher tweeted some news-hitting rage regarding Pacific Coast Highway bicyclists on September 30.

See the tweets here:

To be fair, PCH is a ridiculously windy and narrow road, with Malibu mansions hugging one side and their delivery/guest parking spots hugging the mountain on the other side. So if you need to constantly swerve around bikes, there's those yahoos running across the street, too. And those plebes cutting through David Geffen's yard to get to the free beach.

Fkng BICYCLES !!!!!!!

(Hey girl, those duplicate exclamation points take up your valuable twitter character count!!!!!!) I've cursed my share of motorbikes on LA though too (and for the same reason).

And this is just a post or two since we saw Cher peddling on a stationary bike for charity. Sigh.

The street above uses Cher's image to implore us all the share the road with bicycles. Cher should go there an spray a graffiti mustache on herself in protest.

Cher also tweeted on the Kansas Birther Hearings on September 15.

See the tweets here:

The jist of it:

Several celebrities took to Twitter to weigh in on the decision of the state objections board to weigh President Barack Obama's eligibility to be on Kansas' presidential ballot in the wake of a challenge by a resident of Manhattan, Kan. The board voted unanimously Monday -- during a hearing dominated by birther queen Orly Taitz -- to drop the case after Joe Montgomery withdrew his objection.

Cher led off the fight on Friday when she posted several tweets highly critical of Kansas Republicans, including one calling them "beneath slime." The objections board is composed of three Republicans -- Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer and Attorney General Derek Schmidt. The three voted unanimously on Thursday to delay a decision on Montgomery's objection pending more information from Hawaiian officials about Obama's birth certificate and noting that Obama's campaign did not attend the hearing.

The Wichita Eagle reported that Cher was not alone in tweeting about the birther hearing. Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean tweeted about the hearing on Friday, calling the state "nuts." And New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof suggested that the state is "stuck in the 19th century."

Sigh. Kansas.


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