Why Does Cher Exist? An Intervention
Leaks, X-Factor, Val Kilmer and Cher's Sex Cult

Cher Hits One Million Twitter Followers

ChercherThere have been some posts in the last week floating out itty bitty tid-bits of news about Cher's upcoming album. I have itty-bitty-news-about-Cher's-album fatigue myself. So until the damn thing apparates itself into my hands, I am not going to engage.

Dear Cher album, I'll talk to you when you get here. Until then, I'm shunning you.

To read the latest Cher album gossip visit Cher World or Cher News.

Other Cher news last week touted the fact that she hit one-million twitter fans recently. This kind of sounded like a big deal and so I researched the larger twitter-verse to see if this was in fact a big dealio.

It is not.

Although it has me beat by about a million, give or take one or two, it is not in fact that significant. According to the stats at Twitaholic, Cher does not even crack the top 1000 tweeters for followers. Yes, that's right. One-thousand tweeters have more followers than Cher does. It looks like this:

Top five are:

  1. Lady Gaga Gaga (with 30-freakin-million)
  2. Justin Bieber (29 mill)
  3. Katy Perry (27 mill)
  4. Rihanna (26 mill)
  5. Britney Spears (really?) (21 mill)

Obama has 20 million. Those with over 10 million include: Taylor Swift (19), Shakira (18), YouTube (18), Kim Kardashian (16), Nicki Minaj (14), Oprah (14), Justin Timberlake (14), Ellen DeGeneres (14), Twitter itself (13), Ashton Kutcher (12), Eminem (12).

Other lady pop-singers/celebrities at the top (in the millions): J-Lo (12), Pink (11), Adele (10), Alica Keys (9), Paris Hilton (8), Mariah Carey (8), Kloe Kardashian (7), Avril Lavigne (6), Beyonce (6), Jessica Simpson (5).

Sadly, the only news service at the top is CNN Breaking News with 8 million. Bill Gates is the top business leader with 8 million and the top spiritual guru is the Dalai Lama with 5 million.

To break the top 1000, you need to have 1,161,806 or more followers. So although the press loves to follow Cher's tweets, she's not in the top stratosphere of tweetdom.

Maybe some day she will be "trending."



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