Not-so-Sweet Cher Finds
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Sweet Cher Finds

Sonny jumpIf you do a search for "Sonny Cher live 1977" you get about six copies of this photo of Sonny kicking, hair flying, in his Vegas Suit. A fuzzy bootleg of some 1977 shows are kicking around. When Cher scholar Robrt alerted me to one of them, attached was the set list from a Hawaii show. Pretty sweet walk down memory lane.


  1. "All I Ever Need Is You"
  2. Dialogue where Sonny comments on Cher's Singing/Hair/Sitting Down as well as their current status
  3. "I Can See Clearly Now"
  4. Harry Nilsson's "Without You"
  5. "United We Stand"
  6. Cher's Solo of "The Way of Love"
  7. Dialogue with Sonny and Cher from 1965
  8.  "Baby Don't Go"
  9. "All I Really Want To Do"
  10. "Laugh At Me" and dialogue of story behind the song
  11. "You Better Sit Down Kids"
  12. "The Beat Goes On"
  13. "Isn't She Lovely" with Sonny and Chastity Skit
  14. Cher's Solo of "Send In The Clowns"
  15. Sonny's Solo of "Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down"
  16. Sonny dialogue
  17. "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done"
  18. "I Got You Babe"

What's interesting to me is how much of Sonny you get in the late-period Sonny & Cher shows. I wonder if this was because Cher had professionally "checked out" of the act and was more interested in her 1977 shows with Gregg Allman.

ScjetThe old Yahoo Cherfreaks list has also been posting some gems. This "day in history" link was particularly illuminating:

Sonny & Cher, in full celebrity glory, are pictured disembarking from a chartered Playboy jet for a show in Vancouver in 1973. News has gotten out they their marriage is on the rocks but they are not officially divorced.

The media firestorm (ala TomKat) is about to begin. The reporter calls them "The Salvatore Bonos" and "wealthy swingers" and said the black plane they arrived in looked like a sinister shark cruising down the runway. Sonny was wearing sequined skin-tight Levis and when asked about their marital woes, "Cher looked blank."

Another Yahoo poster provided this awesome online flip-book of Cher photos for a style issue of New York Magazine:

Whenever people bemoan the lack of imagination on today's red carpets, Cher's name always comes up as an example of someone who successfully pushes the envelope. From her patterned bell-bottoms and waist-long, silky straight hair in the seventies to her shiny spandex and sky-high, spiky wigs of the eighties, she transformed herself too often to have a signature style of note, yet each look is unmistakably her own. Never one to shy away from belly-baring mesh tops, gold lamé, or headdresses of any kind, Cher always manages to walk the line between wacky and elegant. Enjoy a look back at her otherworldly outfits from the sixties to today.

My favorites are these (click to enlarge):

Sept 6 1965 Sep 1 1966 1968 nyc











Superpak 2 oct 1 1971 Academy awards march 27 1973 Jan 21 1977 Red Ballon DC


  Feb 14 1982 nigh of 100 starsFeb 28 1979 philly  Take me home tour

Val apr 9 1984 Sep 9 1989 MTV music awards with sambora











1996 london Oct 31 2001 Q awards london Aug 27 2002 atlanta


Dec 13 2010 burlesque london
















i got both versions of
this "audio" only concert
from hawaii on ioffer.
it is from an old cassette
and, the 2nd version,
while, being transferred to
cd, the tape broke.
if someone has better
sounding copies, please let me know.
i've seen where there is
a machine that can transfer
old messed-up cassettes.
the concert WAS GOOD!!!
i actually found myself
laughing out loud at the
joking between the two.
something i never did with
their 'live' lps...
maybe, looking back in retrospect, it was more
revealing and i felt they
maybe onstage, the two were
more R rated....
i, also, thought, they both
sounded REALLY good vocally..(didn't they travel with 23 sound engineers?) and,
cher really sounded good and, seemed to, effortlessly, slide into a
unfortuntely, Sonny's songs
come thur louder and clearer, than cher's did.
if anyone has better
reproductions of this..
let me know.
the 2nd concert has cher
do her '70's gt hts medley.


Cher Scholar

JD, I remembered you telling me about these tapes...right when i found the photo for this blog piece. Just got em.

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