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Cher Goes Out on the Town

Goodmorm...and the girl is still causing a sensation.

Go to Cher World and see more photos. And please, please watch the video of Cher entrapped by fans and paparazzi: http://www.cherworld.com/cher-news/cher-attends-the-book-of-mormon-in-los-angeles/.

One guy with a green sweater hands her something to sign from behind a door. A barrage of "I love you Cher!"

What happens when love hurts. You can see the aggrivation on her face. And it's hard to believe she still creates such a fury with her appearances after all these years (47!!) after her career started. It's sort of breathtaking.

She was attending the Los Angeles premiere of Matt Parker and Trey Stones'  musical The Book of Mormon at The Pantages Theatre. Last year for Christmas I asked for tickets to the Broadway show for this fall. I can't wait to see it and to be back in New York City with Mr. Cher Scholar!!

Cher's outing last week also produced a new quirky ensemble.   Mormoutfit

And below she shows off her cock-sure purple hat she wears smartly as she's being man-handled through the freak show.

Bookofmorm She tweeted of the event:

On way 2 FAB Nite ! LATE! Road is parking Lot ! I look cute in my Philip Trace Hat! Well Purple Hat …Looks Cute ! I Look like cher??

Actually, she looks like some funky retro- Kool-Cat-in-the-Hat.

And I like it.

Cher News posted her stream of twitter pics on the way to the show: http://chernews.blogspot.com/2012/09/more-twitter-photo-uploads-from-cher.html.

A friend's camera phone must have also captured Cher and Kathy Griffin sitting in what is surely the first few rows.

TheaterLater in the week, Cher donated her time down on the Santa Monica Pier to support The Heroes Project and her friend and the project's founder Tim Medvetz. The Cycle for Heroes event was to support wounded U.S. soldiers. Other famous cyclers that night included Danny Glover, David DeLuise (the son of Dom), Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols and Richard Stark.

Cher tweeted of the night: 

I just got home from Santa Monica Pier! Tim had 250 bikes and riders riding for veteran’s ‘The Heroes Project’ – a charity that he and I started! There were beautiful young marines with as many as 3 1/2 limbs missing! Our best, bravest and brightest!...There were so many ppl there but i wanted to sit down quietly & speak with this boy! I met a Totally cool young man w/all his limbs gone.


According to RadarOnline.com

Cher astonished all at the event with her down to earth and laid back friendly attitude. She openly spoke for hours to war veterans and one source from the event said “Everyone was shocked to see a superstar like Cher, looking so casual and normal on the Santa Monica Pier,”  There were no signs of diva demands, it was just the down to earth CHER we all love.

Cher even had a short work out on a spinning bike and dedicated her time to signing autographs for fans as well as posing for photos with the disabled veterans involved in The Heroes Project. 
“She was super sweet,” one fan says, “a real classic icon that is so down to earth”. “Fans kept walking up to her and asking for autographs and she happily obliged. She also took photos with everyone who asked.”


Cher posing with disabled vets:



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