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Cherjuly2012_3I'm late with Cher posts again. Okay, this is for two reasons: I've been out camping this summer around the Southwest (Mesa Verde, Bryce Canyon, Conchas Lake) and I've been moonlighting with another blog. I'm putting out a book this year and I've been ramping up my personal and poetry sites. Check out Big Bang Poetry at, reinventing the life of the poet in the modern world.

But it's not that I haven't been having any Cher thoughts. I'm excited-ly awaiting the new Cher biography out next Friday, the one that was supposed to come out last May, then June.

Cher fans have also been discussing new album and tour news. Cher tweeted that the first single would come out in September, an album would be released for Christmas, and a tour, if she tours, will be postponed until spring of 2013 due to surgery she needs on her ailing tootsies.

Although I would pay to see Cher tour again, I'm hoping her toes talk some sense into her. Coming back after such a dramatic farewell and all...could cause more tweetwars.

Cher has also been continuing to fight the tweet-skanks on Twitter. I hope she finds this somewhat energizing and not depleating. This time MDNA fans have been up in her grill. Read all about it here. Then a Britney Spears fan misinterpreted her anti-Romney tweet.Cherjuly2012_2

Cher said:

Like to keep my insults Straight asshole!".

I don't think LOL expresses how funny that is. I love how the twitterazzi is hanging on Cher-tweets like she's the guru of shade.

On the lighter side, she's also been posting some candid photos on twitter, the ones seen above taken by Kathy Griffin after a girls-night-in.

The candid ones below are older but some of my favorites of the recent strike-a-pose shots.

Chercandids 2



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