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PalomaThis week Cher expressed praise for the material Pink submitted for Cher's new album:

"Had meeting 2nite w/Record Co. They Love (the) Song I've done! Got 2 New (songs)! Pink Wrote them! Co(mpany)  wants it out end (of) yr. pic'd single... Alecia (Pink) wrote 2 Great Songs!... Pink is Definitely My Girl! She's Talent! Luv it."

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Since I am broke, I am waiting like a pauper for my birthday to get the new Paloma Faith album, which is available as an import only now. I love her song "Agony" and the song and video for "Picking Up the Pieces."  

Hopefully I'll be in the flush with cash again soon. I just started a new job at the Institute for American Indian Arts. I'm pinching myself to be in this creative space. Check out their museum, ground zero for contemporary Native American and Alaskan art:

SavageMeanwhile, Cher Scholar Dishy has been turning me on to some awesome stuff. Through him I watched the Siouxie and the Banshees video collection. Although I only really loved "Kiss Them for Me" as a song, all the videos blew my mind; the special effects still hold up. I also watched his copy of the videos for The Eurythmics' album Savage which I can't recommend highly enough. Now I finally get the "I Need A Man" video. You get to see this amazing characterization of the blonde chick as she evolves through the videos. I see elements of Kiki DuRane in the whole trajectory. Interesting to me that Annie Lennox was working on similar feminist characterizations as Madonna but not getting the credit for it, because hers was more to the jugular and it made everyone uncomfortable.

Watch the sequence:

  • Beethoven (I Love to Listen To)...This video introduces us to housewife versus the little brat the unruly woman is created from. After watching it, Mr. Cher Scholar told me about how they used to discourage women from listen to Beethoven because his music excited them.
  • I Need a Man - Unruly woman gets unhooked!
  • Heaven - Unruly woman does LA.
  • Wide Eyed Girl - If you wait to the end of this very-80s video, you see what might be the unruly blonde as worn-out mother.
  • Savage - Unruly woman runs out of steam...beautifully.
  • You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart - Unruly woman and house-frau battle for Annie Lennox's soul.

LdrDishy also alerted me to the new album by Americana-lyricist Lana del Rey, Born to Die. Have yet to spend real quality time with it but I love the atmosphere and the smart lyrics so far.

If you love pop-culture references, you might like the videos too:

  • National Anthem (Is that Marilyn Monroe meets President Obama a.k.a. A$AP Rocky? That's awesome enough but it gets better!)
  • Video Games
  • Born to Die
  • Blue Jeans (Because everybody has to do a black and white video...this one has great water shots, like the video for "Just a Dream," the masterpiece from my STL-homie Nelly.)




Congratulations on the new job. I am happy for you. This sounds more like you than any company-affiliated job you've had recently -- they must have been intrigued by your creative activity and the SLC degree.

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