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Photo Tour of Gregg & Cher

Reading reviews of Gregg Allman’s new autobiography "My Cross to Bear" I notice quite frequently that reviewers go straight to find out what Allman has to say about Cher. Columnist Liz Smith says it best.

"President Obama is on the cover of [Rolling Stone]. As a politically concerned citizen, I knew I should have headed straight for the president's interview with Jann Wenner, the magazine's editor and publisher. But the gossip columnist in me took over...Anyway, I went right to Allman's memories of Cher.

As much as people want to claim they are too cool to be interested in Cher, they secretly are.

Here's a 14-photo image tour of that old Hollywood tabloid couple we loved to talk trash about:

Their formal side

Their country side

Look! They drive cars just like us.

Cherallman11 Pn012677 





  They go to parties dressed just like us.


Their TV-show side

Look! They get pregnant just like us.

They put up hammocks in the yard just like us! But seriously, Mr. Cher Scholar and I are looking for a yard hammock like this.

They are invited to meet Jimmy Carter at the White House just like us.

They go on vacation just like us.

They sing in concerts just like us.

They get squeezed by Rona Barrett just like us.

Who would we have to kick around if not Cher and Gregg Allman? I was only five-to-seven years old. That was my excuse.



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