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VH1 Has a New List of the 100 Greatest Women in Music

31In the year 1999, Cher was listed at #43 in between Sheryl Crow (44) and Dionne Warwick (42). Now it’s 2012 and she has moved up to #31 between Fantasia (#33) and Sade (#30).

What’s amazing about this is that she’s moved up over 10 spots even after the luster of 1999 and the single “Believe” have worn off.

Not bad for a woman who’s not very good at singing. (See Gregg Allman comment in previous post)

Some notable commentary:

Comedian BD Freeman: “I love Cher. Who doesn’t love Cher?” (The Allman clan)

Comedian Chuck Nice: “The 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the new millennium, she’s had something on the charts. That’s almost 50 years!” (That is actually 50 years)

Comedian Ari Voukydis: She’s not just part of music. She kinda is music.”

Tori Amos: “Cher has been able to show people that as she ages, she’s still sexy and sensual.”

Simon Doonan of Barnys NY: “The Cher legacy is ginormous.”

I can’t wait for the 2022 list! At this rate she’ll be #19!




WHat do you mean "she's not very good at singing?" Did you write that Mary? I am shocked! I think that's why she's so good! She's not classicly trained but she can belt it out on key - LIVE!

Cher Scholar

No Dishy...that was my response to Gregg Allman's comment in the post above. I guess I should connect those posts to be clear.


You are forgiven. I thought you had lost your mind temporarily!

Cher Scholar

I completely understand.

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