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Is This Cher?

ThischerHow tragic it is to be a Cher-collectible-completist. You have to buy crap like this.

The only interesting aspect of this CD release of This Is Cher is the timing of it; coincidentally this is the flagship compilation for Cher Zine 3.

And it has to be one of the cheapest re-issues of a re-issue I've ever seen. Not even a liner note or so much as an album-credit inside. Don't even expect a picture of Cher.

I should have known by the cover art which looks more like a karaoke release than a real Cher CD.

These crap-compilation/re-issues just junk up the Cher Universe.




i hope you have a
buying all this shit...
is your husband rich???

does your husband have
a GAY twin gemini brother???


Robrt Pela

Holy Mary Mother of God. Shouldn't Craptastic Records (or whomever "released" this thing) have retitled this "This WAS Cher"? And what have we to look forward to now? A CD reissue of "Cher Sings the Hits"?


Unfortunately I am also addicted to buy this crap! I think this one was a CDR made to order! I have it also! And I would gladly buy a CHER SINGS THE HITS CD just to ogle at how unfathomable bad the cover is!

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