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So you know originally this thing was due in December. Since then has canceled my order twice; so I contacted someone at Bluewater two weeks ago on February 13 (actually three people: the first email from their contact page came back undeliverable, the second guy was on vacation). I finally received an email from someone who said the comic would be out the next Wednesday February 15. Sure enough that day a blog post went up saying the comic was out and to check your local comic store or to buy one through As of today Amazon still doesn't have any copies and my comic store in Santa Fe had never heard of the comic. Rumors were spread that it had sold out already.

I'm not sure about that but check your local comic store just in any case. You can download a Kindle version from Amazon now if you're desperate. A dear Cher friend snared me a copy from the comic book store at Grand Central Station in New York City. And for that, many thank yous!!

What a mess this whole thing is, folks.

But the slight little thing is a fun retrospective. In true comic book fashion there is a surprise ending (with Chaz as a plot point). Cher is one of a kind, to be sure, but the artist seems to have difficulty rendering her. In a few of the drawings, she looks a tad Asian even.

At least they writer spelled her last name right. Some oddities: they show her as a teenager, not a baby, when she went into a foster home; and often throughout the pages, her hairstyles and clothes are confused between the 1960s and 70s.

I loved the album cover re-drawings. But she did not actually date Elvis. I also don't believe her divorce from Sonny drew out until 1979 (or maybe just the ramifications of it). Gregg Allman is drawn to to look more like Chastity and Elijah doesn't even exist in this comic-bipic.

What is that bottle doing in the picture of her singing "Turn Back Time"? Is she in the shower?

Here's a review:




i pre-ordered mine yesterday from Barnes&Noble...THEY say
the "release date" is

March 1st....

i am tired of Awards Programs like all other middle-age fans...
why didn't/don't you ever
do a tribute page to Cher
at this time???? HUN???
everyone check out these
'Suspence Thillers' on

" The Girl with
the Dragon Tattoo: Extended Edition"(foreign movie version... and

"Antibodies"(another foreign
movie)...... :)

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