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Dear Cher

SexpotOy! So this end-of-year was off the hook! We've had non-stop visitors to Santa Fe. First Mr. Cher Scholar's mom and sister, then my parents, then Mr. Cher Scholar's friend John Lehr (a.k.a. the Geico Caveman) came for a weekend. We visited the forgotten New Mexican ghost town Trementina.

Then Mr. Cher Scholar and I threw a Christmas party to end all Christmas parties. Strung the house with lights inside and out, set up a candle-lit interior and made homemade eggnog punch, cookies, guac and a beef brisket topped with our favorite Kansas City BBQ sauce, Gates. I abstained from eating the cow.

So here it is almost a month later and no Cher posts! Cher scholar Dishy was kind enough to send me the link to the updates from Sonny-and-Cher scholar Rick's Sonny & Cher site: -- the most awesome of which is the postings of Cher's advise column from 16 Magazine issues from the 1960s.

It's called "Dear Cher" and although not as wise and pithy as Cher Scholar's column (more Q&A in the latest Cher Zine), it's a real hoot:

Not that I believe Cher wrote these teen-psychology-attempts anyway. Whoever was the real mentor behind "Dear Cher," they were constantly in a state of despair when teens refused to declare their ages when asking for Cher-advice.

My question for Cher back in the 60s would be this: the pattern to that bathing suit above looks awfully similar to Lady Gaga's infamous Meat that a Meat-bikini?

Happy holidays everyone. I'm looking forward to the new Cher album next year. Although I spent last night listening to Thin Lizzy singing "Fighting My Way Back" wishing Cher would cover that for a future retro-rock album.

If only Santa would listen to my Cher-related Christmas wish list.