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Oh my God...three (THREE!) Cher books are on their way!!!

Now I love books. And I'm a Cher fan. So Cher books make me crazy!!!

Book1Available now: You Haven't Seen the Last of Me by Daryl Easlea and Eddi Fiegel. Found out about this book on the Yahoo list. It's only found at Barnes and Noble for some reason, not Amazon:

Daryl has also done books on Madonna and Beyonce. This looks mostly like a photo book. I just ordered it yesterday.







Female forceThe comic book Female Force Cher by Mark Shapiro is out December 27 on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Cher News blog commented astutely that Cher's 90s hair and 80s costume on the cover don't match. I totally agree. I am chalking this up to the artistic privilege of the comic-book artist but there's a nerdy part of me that looks forward to finding these anomalies throughout the comic.

This is what Cher scholars do.





It looks like a new biography is coming May 15, 2012, Cher: Strong Enough by Josiah Howard.

This is a mystery book and it promises to be somewhat slim at 240 pages but is promising some "exclusive interviews with Cher and those she has worked with on- and off-stage."

Get reading!




HOLY SHIT! I got that book from Barnes & Noble and it is BRILLIANT! I have not sat down to read it yet but it looks like the most thorough accurate book of Cher's entire career! It's big - very well made with fantastic pictures and format! AMAZING!


Oooops, spoke too soon - have been browsing through book and note that the author mentions the video for MAIN MAN but says the single was never released (it was) - also the cover of the TAKE ME HOME album is that cheapo reissue with the red heart that says includes "YOU BETTER SIT DOWN KIDS" - OUCH!


I just got the "YHSTLOM" from Barnes & Noble, where I found it by surprise. I bought it right away, having gotten the author's Madonna book before. It's fascinating and very entertaining, but there are a lot of basic typos all over the place and little inaccuracies. I still it's much more well written than Mark Bego's book anyway.


Reading the Strong Enough book right now. A good read for sure, plus you are mentioned in the credits!

Cher Scholar

Thanks for pointing that out to me. I haven't started the book yet. But I happily see it's a great deal about the TV show(s) so I'm trying to finish up at least going through the ones I have. That's really nice about the credits!!

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