The Big Street
Chaz on Celebrity Fit Club

Fans Keep Chaz Dancing

Week2 The introduction of the cast shows there are an inordinate amount of blondes on this show. And the music, is that a recycled Oscar theme from the 80s?

This week Chaz's performance was too slow for the quick step; but I loved the ripped-off version of Joan Jett's version of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme. This is a version I wanted to play at my wedding but I nixed it because I felt it was too self-referential. It was my wedding and all but I didn’t want it be all about me, you know.

The judges remarked on Chaz's likeability, calling him a little ewok even. They also remarked on Chaz's "circumstances," those being the bad knee and ankle but also noted that this is the "territory of this show" and that "charm takes you so far." Chaz needs to stop complaining about his age, weight and blown-out-knees (probably due to carrying around too much weight all these years) UNLESS the strategy is to get votes out of sympathy pleas. Chaz already looks thinner by the way.

His scores were 6,5,6 but since all scores skewed higher this week, he ended up at the absolute bottom. In audience votes, Chaz ended up in the bottom three with David Arquette and Elisabetta Canalis (who was too stiff and lost votes probably from her scenes of bitchiness). George Clooney arm-candy ended up going. I'm glad because I'm starting to feel like Arquette has deep-down self-confidence issues.

As for the others, Chynna Phillips is very good and graceful and is helping me get that short-haired pixie from the 90s out of my head. I keep seeing her former bandmate Carnie Wilson on Celebrity Ghost Stories and Celebrity Dreams Decoded. She's looking tired out. Ricki Lake is beautiful and showed great legs this week. I think I have a girl crush on her. Carson Kressley continues to be fun. Nancy Grace. Now I noticed lots of people not clapping for her so I read up on all her scandals. Ick. J.R. Martinez is so so good. Rob Kardashian was last week's lowest score and I'm agnostic about him this week. Hope Solo is still doing soccer events so it's amazing she's hanging in there. Kristin Cavallari—I still don’t dislike this gal yet.

Another transgendered individual called into Stephanie Miller's radio show this week and said Chaz was great, down to earth, and they couldn’t have asked for a better advocate.

There's a rumor circulating that Chaz is being courted to host Saturday Night Live with Cher as a musical guest (good time to push that new single). Oh wouldn't that be sweet. It's the closest we'd ever get to a Sonny & Cher variety show reunion, kids. Absolutely dreamy.



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