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TV Alert (TCM Nite is Coming)

TV Reminder: Cher is hosting a night of Turner Classic Movies in two weeks, on Wednesday September 7 starting at 8 pm Eastern time (but check your local listings!!)

According to the TCM schedule for September, this only runs once, so don't miss it!

Cher TCM-realated links:

In light of Chaz Bono's Emmy nod, OWN has annuonced a follow-up documentary to Becoming Chaz by the same World of Wonder productions tentatively called Chaz and Jen. With this second documentary (and their appearances on Celebrity Fit Club and Sell This House), Chaz and Jen are now officially reality TV stars.


Sonny & Cher Once Again

OnceagainIt's true I have an irrational fascination with the Cher-Compilation-Industrial-Complex. Secretly, I believe Oompa Loompas are in some factory putting these things out. This is an old rare one I've been hunting for many years...basically for the cover art....a painterly representation of Sonny & Cher. Now that I have it, I'm highly disturbed by it.

Hilariously, this MCA compilation, Sonny in Cher Once Again, was produced for Spencer Gifts in 1976. Any mall rat from the 1970s remembers the cheap gifts, sex games and back-of-the-store poster racks of their favorite mall store Spencers. The electronic puppy running into the wall at the front of the store? Where else could you get a pet rock? By the time I was frequenting their shelves, Sonny & Cher merchandise was long gone.

But back to this unusual cover art. The artist is not credited for some reason and the faces of Sonny & Cher are a bit off. Cher's lips and nose especially. Sonny looks more like Magnum PI, Cher like Lindsay Lohan. Secondly, their heads are taken from two completely different pictures...and you can kinda tell by the awkward positioning. Cher is from the back cover of the 1972 All I EVer Need is You album, the best S&C picture ever taken in my humble opinion.

I have no idea where Sonny's image was extracted from. That blue button down is totally unrecognizable to me. Especially without fancy embroidery on it. Does anybody know? The background is I guess some kind of a door opening into a large fern forest.

Once Again is a good name for a compilation from them. Other good compilation titles would be: Yet Again, More Random Selections from Sonny & Cher, You Haven't Seen The Last of a Sonny & Cher and/or Cher Compilation.

This is also a double album. It's got a mix of songs from their Live and Kapp/MCA you get "Train of Thought" bumping up on "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" and "Half Bread" inbetween "The Beat Goes On" and "Song for You." It ends on "United We Stand."

I love their version of that song. I really do.


Cher in Books

Rupaulposterspoof So if you've been reading along over the last six months, you know I've been addicted to the feminist empowerment enacted in drag to be found on RuPaul's Drag U. RuPaul publicized his latest book on the show so I read it, RuPaul's Workin It.

Synopsis review: the first chapter was awesome; the rest was a kind of sketchy thin diary of drag beauty tips.

There were three Cher mentions:

p. 87--Proportion is Everything: "From my collection of pop-culture influences, I added two parts Diana Ross, a pinch of Bugs Bunny, two heaping spoonfuls of Dolly Parton, a dash of Joseph Campbell and three parts Cher. It worked. I worked. You better work!"

[That's most parts Cher isnt' it?]

p. 97--Travels with my Wig: "In the early nineties, Lypsinka told me that Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson had told her that Cher had several kick-drum cases customized to house stationary wig heads for travel. So that's exactly what I did."

[Where do the drums go then?]

p. 98--Hair Proportions: "Cher can wear very long, flat hair because she has a long neck and long torso."

There are no Cher mentions in the book Starstruck, The Business of Celebrity by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett. And yet reading it you can't help thinking of Cher's longevity in regard to the tactics the book describes. It's somewhat of a academic and dry read that discusses mostly celebrity for celebrity's sake...people of Paris Hilton's calibre.

The basic idea is that you can ensure your celebrity status by making sure you are seen (and photographed) with other "hot" current celebrities. The book describes people's odd machinations to aquire fame by constructing friendships and publicity events. Perfect evidence of this appeared in December 2010's LA Magazine interview with a personal shopper who said, "One woman asked me to buy her ball gowns with matching shoes, Judith Leiber bags, and jewelry for every night of the week, then hire professional photographers to shoot her wherever she went, like paparazzi."

Who's to say how actively Cher Inc subscribes to this idea of recording and being photographed with the hippest kids of late (Lady Gaga); however, you don't see her doing duets with no hasbeens.


The Long Lost Blog Post's been since June 6!! Uhh....I took the summer off. :-)

Well, here's what really happened (very little of it keeping up with Cher): I was mired in some day-job woes, culminating in not having a work computer for a week. My husband and I been searching for a larger place to shack-up in here in Santa Fe. Now we're packing to move into the new place we found just down the street. I had my birthday weekend at the water park in Albuquerque. Been working with some friends on sample illustrations for a book of poems and I took a new ceramics class at Santa Fe Community College. OH...and my uterus has lost its mind. Many gynecology appointments and a (normal) biopsy later, I am finding a moment to write this blog.

But the good news is....during this time Cher zine 3 has gone through its layout and we’re in the final stage of checking and soon printing. Lots of great stuff in there!

But in the last two months, lots of current Cher news has passed me by. So to recap…

There was a special screening of Come Back to the 5 and Dine, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean in NewFive-and-dime51  York City at the Walter Reade Theater on July 15 that was followed by a Q&A with the production designer David Gropman, production executive Peter Newman and the distributor Ira Deutchman. The screening was presented by UCLA Film & Television Archive's preservation project at their Biennial Festival of Preservation. The Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted.

A review of the screening:

Zookeeper came out! (Cher at premiere above and below) I really enjoyed Zookeeper. Critics have been harsh but then critics always hate the feel-good love story. It’s been done so many times, you know. But they actually do the trick of making one feel good. So, there you go. Cher was way underrepresented in animal dialogue (but it was her character Janet’s idea for Kevin James to go on a date with his co-worker...which was a crucial plot point). To hear her sing Boston’s "More Than a Feeling" during the end credits with the other animal cast members more than made up for the price of the ticket. I was in Cher-singing-random-songs Heaven. My trip to the movie was not without drama though. I went alone and arrived early. A huge Caucasian family (grandma in tow) completely surrounded me, passing their popcorn and drinks over me without so much as an excuse us. And then kept giving me annoyed glances as if I were the rude one. Note to parents, if you’re going to a movie with 12 family members who insist on sitting together, get there on the early side. Don't expect everyone there to accommodate you.

The movie had lots of zoo jokes. Everyone enjoyed it. Kevin James’ brother Dave in the movie looks like ICANN's CEO Rod Beckstrom. I liked the crazy Asian character--geat break from stereotype. I enjoyed the sweet wedding scene the best…the leads had chemistry. The Bromance with Gorilla Nick Nolte was also fun. Ironically, the animal scenes could have been funnier.

News came out in Entertainment Weekly this summer that Jane Lynch took the Nun role in the Three Stooges movie. I can’t say I’m devastated by this news. Although it must be fun to make comedies, Cher’s true acting gift is doing dramatic roles and I wish we’d see more of those. The best parts of Burlesque were when Cher was in a bit of drama. Cher cries and we cry.

Becoming Chaz’s has earned an emmy nomination.

Speaking of World of Wonder productions, Drag U season 2 has been keeping me GOING the past month with its feel-good female empowerment messages. I even bought RuPaul's book "Workin It." This season they've had some butch lesbians in want of some dragging, which further reinforces the idea that clothes serve more as a uniform than representation of un-evolving identity. All the women seem to get a confidence boost from a few days as a Drag Queen. There's power to mine in big hair and sequins, there really is. And pink is just a a color, not an identity statement.

Cher turned up on the Bullseye page of Entertainment Weekly this summer and not in the good part of the page…she was in the far-off-center part: “Cher plans on touring long into her retirement. See? Another Mermaid in a wheelchair” (referring to Bette Midler as the other mermaid in a wheelchair).Article-2012106-0CE57B8500000578-349_468x770  She won't escape crap for a fake-retirement tour.

A clip of Cher and her mother Georgia singing together has surfaced. I love, love, love this. Hope this clip is a hint of more country to come from a new Cher release. You gotta do these things while you can.

My cousin has tipped me off to Cher Sidewalk (part of the Heavy Metal Parkinglot series) although it turns out Cher fans are not as hilariously dopey as 1986 Judas Priest fans.

In the wayback files, Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour costume designer Ret Turner(all the costumes Bob Mackie didn't do) is interviewed.

That's all for now....I hear I have a lot of Cher tweets to catch up on.