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Cher Video Party!

Last week I found some sweet videos online:


Sonny & Cher sing "The Beat Goes On" on a French show. The Frenchman are all dressed alike! Great Cher smile (and early dancing). Sonny loses his jacket. The cameraman is all up in her grill.



Shindig Sonny & Cher sing "I Got You Babe" in 1965 with Cher in her Union Jacks pantsuit. What an innocent young girl!





Beat2 Sonny & Cher sing "The Beat Goes On" in the early 1970s. So much more confidence!






Sonny & Cher sing "All I Ever Need is You." Was this the inspiration for The Police video "Wrapped Around My Finger?"




Sitdown Interview and Cher singing "You'd Better Sit Down Kids". What is sonny wearing?






Teddybear Sonny & Cher singing "Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear." What? Is this the inspiration for the Prisoner album cover?  





Earlyhandhanging Sonny & Cher singing "All Shook Up." Some early Cher hand hanging.





Treatmenice Sonny & Cher singing "Treat Me Nice."  Are they wearing tshirts?





Other stuff: 

In two videos, Sonny sings “talk about it.” You'll remember this command well from the Sonny & Cher Live album. Two videos also include some early Cher hand hanging. This was not completely a 70s phenomenon.


RIP Jeff Conaway


See where it ended?

This is a real peripheral story, but Jeff Conaway was part of the cast of Celebrity Fit Club in 2006 with Chaz...which must have been hard to watch...his very slow freefall.

Watching it as a spectator was like watching the slowest celebrity suicide in entertainment history.

Although he was so annoying to watch in all his televised addict episodes, it is sad...especially when we remember where it all began: