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Cher Tweets on Missouri Puppy Mill Ban

GovernorNixon Cher and fans have been discussing Missouri’s Puppy mill issue in her tweets lately. This got my attention because I was raised in St. Louis (mostly), and Missouri was then horrifically reported to be one of the biggest puppy mill abuse states in the country. So I followed this anti-puppy-mill vote closely last year. It was sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

Catching up to the legislative aftermath, it seems the Missouri legislature scaled the law back considerably in favor of law-abiding breeders and agricultural interests who claimed the "puppy" bill extended to far out toward other animal interests. God forbid!

Democrat Governor Jay Nixon seemed to be caught in the middle and was trying to broker a compromise between voters and the Missouri congress. The Human Society is against the compromise. Both sides appeared in Jefferson City to protest.

Some good articles:

I also checked the website of The Animal Legal Defense Fund. Their action item recommendation based on news from March was to write the Governor:

Their Update--March 17, 2011: Missouri legislators have voted to repeal Prop. B, endangering countless puppies in the abusive puppy mill industry. Please send your urgent letters to Governor Jay Nixon asking him to veto this repeal:

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Guardian Writer Rachel Roberts Cares About Cher Tweets

Maincher Just goes to show you, Cher tweets are read in high places:

This was a great, mostly positive article by Rachel Roberts of The Guardian. Excerpts as follows:

"You always seemed like a capable broad to me, Cher....Twitter, however, seems to be the exception to the rule. Yours is a twitter feed brimming with despair, technological loathing and BIZARRELY plAced CAPITAL letters: "Ok I've got to fix this! I'm So lame I have NO IDEA HOW THIS WORKS!"

Being "Cher" is a time-consuming business. The amount of heavy-duty bikini waxing it takes to wear those leotards alone must leave you with very little time for newspapers. Never fear! Your 192,000 followers will be only too keen to keep you up to date. Asking "Who or what is Cher Lloyd?" was a good start. Now if you could just find out what a "Jedward" and a "Peter Andre" is, you will be fully up to speed.

It was about time someone tried to inject a bit of culture into Twitter and I am glad it was you. Your photoshopped pictures of you as famous paintings have been a joy. The Cher with the Pearl Earring and Frid-Cher Kahlo were a good start. I, and the BBC's Culture Show, await the Mona Lis-Cher and Girl in a Cher-mise with bated breath.

Haters gonna hate: "I must b very naive cause I still don't understand why people who don't like me come here? Seems mean 4 no reason." Welcome to the arse-end of the internet, Cher. A place where angry, bug-eyed virgins enjoy firing badly spelled abuse at people who have done nothing to deserve it. There is a brilliant button you can use to block them. Use it. Don't let them ruin the fun times."


Greer Garson Had a Blue Bathtub

IMG_4995As long as I've been visiting and living in New Mexico, every time my family took the long drive up Highway 25, past Santa Fe and through Pecos and past Las Vegas, New Mexico (where we always stop to eat at El Rialto near the plaza) on our way to our family seat of the small town of Roy (where the Great Plains meet the Rockies), I'd always hear the story about how Greer Garson had a big house off the highway. Back when I was 17, I'd look off into the dark, dark New Mexico darkness and try to imagine this house. Every time we pass Pecos, the same story my Dad would tell about Greer Garson's house out there somewhere.

So I've moved here for a spell, as they say; and my relatives have been lamenting the rumor that the house and grounds had been sold off or destroyed. IMG_4922

John and I live close to Pecos and John works with many Pecosites as a security guard. So we've visited to find hiking trails, indulge in their Dairy Queen and hear disparaging stories about one-time Cher boy-toy Val Kilmer (Pecosians don't care for him, it would seem) and to visit the Pecos Pueblo ruins and National Park, which we've been to now three times.

Much to my happy surprise, The Santa Fe Community College offered a continuing education tour of Pecos Pueblo, including Greer Garson's house! Whoo hoo! It's still there!

In fact, we were to find out, Greer Garson and her husband, Texas oilman Fogelson, owned so much property for their cattle raising, their land included the Pecos Pueblo. They donated the pueblo grounds to the National Parks service and Greer designed the small movie theater there to look like a Kiva and narrated the video about the site. (Ricardo Montelban does IMG_4888 the Spanish version)

When Fogelson died, Greer ended up with the house and half the property. Fogelson's son ended up with the other half, which he promptly sold to Val Kilmer and Jane Fonda (who locals seem to like).

Speaking of Jane Fonda, one of our elderly members on our tour still managed to say dismissive things about Jane Fonda due to her remarks about Vietnam. Her friend lightly defended Fonda, saying she has since apologized. I thought to myself, although Veterans still have a right to be pissed off about it, kids today don’t even know what that was all about. IMG_4966

I told them that Fonda's latest workout DVD, Fit and Strong, is for old people and is still kicking my ass. I mean, I used to not like her because she could do aerobics better than me. That was before her titanium hip. Now I seem to like her much better.  


Cher To Guest Host Turner Classic Movies

220px-Follow_the_Fleet_DVD_Cover excited!

Ron Perlman, Conan, Cher, Winona Ryder among TCM's Upcoming Guest Programmers





"Cher, who earned an Oscar for her performance in the romance Moonstruck, is a passionate fan of classic films and TCM.  For her night as GUEST PROGRAMMER in September, she has chosen the Ginger Rogers-Fred Astaire musical Follow the Fleet (1936), David Lean’s delightful comedy Hobson’s Choice (1954), the Damon Runyon tale The Big Street (1942) and the comedy-mystery Lady of Burlesque (1943)."

I'm also interested in the John Carpenter night (because I DO love horror movies, haunted house movies…anything but slasher movies. They’re so TIRED...and I mean yours too, Rob Zombie, although your movies are beautifully shot).


"John Carpenter, who revitalized the horror genre with Halloween, is set to present three science-fiction thrillers in October, including The Thing from Another World (1951), a film he later remade in 1982; It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958); and the Hammer classic The Curse of Frankenstein (1958). Carpenter’s night also includes the Howard Hawks western Rio Bravo (1959)."

I just saw Rio Bravo. John and I decided John Wayne is just a barrel with legs and arms. It wasn't our favorite western but we both thought Dean Martin was great in it. And I thought Ricky Nelson was good but John thought he was silly. Loved the scenes with Ricky and Dean singing together.


Lob And the James Brooks night. He's my fav director of TV (Mary Tyler Moore Show) and film (Terms of Endearment and As Good As It Gets), although he’s been a bit flat lately...and I've wanted to see Network.

"James L. Brooks has earned three Oscars for Terms of Endearment and a shelf-full of Emmys for such series as The Simpsons and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Brooks is slated to present four films in January 2012, including My Favorite Year (1982), which will be preceded by the classic Your Show of Shows skit that inspired it; the satirical masterpieces Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) and Network (1976); and the Sidney Lumet thriller Prince of the City (1981)."

More Tweetin

Twitter-cherhat Is that Cher tweet pic with a bull? That looks perilous! If she gets gored at least she'll go to the hospital looking awesome in a cowboy hat!

There have also been some great pics fans have done superimposing Cher's face onto great paintings, my favorite being the Frida Kahlo one. I'm hesitant to repost them here without knowing the mashup-artist's name.

The Kathy Griffin exchanges are interesting…you know real girl fights wouldn’t show up on Twitter. 

who is Kathleen? Red haired comedienne who used 2 b 1 of my Closest dearest most beloved friends ?  (April 7)

Worried about Cher's back pains! Especially lower back pains!

  • Lovelies Procedure went well if u can't live without needles in your back ! Ugh ! I'm fine, but id rather go shopping Xxx me (April 6)
  • on plane (windy )2LA ! Re procedure ID RATHER Xx GLEN BECK ! NONONO What am I saying? (April 6)
  • Hi lovelies home from SanFran In my bed! Heating pad on lower back! Had 2 NASTY FALLS IN LV (April 6)
  • Lovelies! Itsy bitsy pain in back awakened me ! Think I've got a few good min left in me ! (April 7)
  • Ok lovelies lying flat on bed like dr said, but its a bore & hurts ! Oh ice ! you missed me a tiny bit 2nite! nice 2 b missed Xxme (April 8)
  • Feel'n way Good 2day ! Back ( hold your breath) No Pain ! Lotta Gain ! (Apr 8)


Cher's tweet pic: a herd of ugg boots.

And we all know she loves Audrey & Katharine Hepburn but one fan asks about favorite leading men and she agrees with a list of Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart (April 5)



 I particularly love Cher's advice tweets:

  • favorite bedtime snack besides Kathleens olive sandwich? My Mothers OLIVE Sandwich ! NOW Mine ! (April 7)
  • remedies 4 sunburn? R there great OTC preps? Ole school Baking soda & water into thick WET paste apply! MessY (April 7)
  • how do you deal when your peers tell you that you're not good enough for something??? Change Peers ! (Apr 5)
  • HOW DO U BLOCK NEGATIVE ENERGY FROM OTHER PEOPLE? Cry then say " fk them " 2 a friend (April 5)

And she's still trying to help the little kid with ecxema. Poor fella.

Nite lovelies am really tired ! Need find tweet little boy with ex-ema sp) Xxx me (April 5)

And she goes introspective....

have you ever had to do something that you didn't want to but had to do to survive? Ahh Yes ! (April 5)

what has been 1 of the most difficult time in your lifetime!' not now ! Write it in book ! Must Tell MY Story MY WAY (Apr 5) she's thinking about telling her story!

you doing autobiography? Not yet ! gotta b little older ( as if that's poss.) & a few people gotta get senile (April 5)

Oh yeah. I hear that.

I don't listen 2 my music! As a matter of fact I'm always alittle embarrassed when I'm out & it comes on ! Hide my face & giggle (April 8)



Cher tweet pic with Peter Gallagher. What's off-kilter here is seeing Cher in an office!

What a beige environment for her!! I just seems so wrong! Like someone will ask her to type something or take dictation.

Ron_Zimmerman: Legendary Director Passes Away and richard benjiman seems to b immortal. so unfair. Bad z (April 9) intention to bash Richard because I actually like him as a character actor (that scavenger hunt movie, that movie where he played the cuckolded husband to George Hamilton's Dracula). He's got his own charm. But as a director? I do not feel he saved Mermaids from quasi-drama-quasi-comedy purgatory. I'm just sayin.


A Cher's Eye View (Cher Tweets)

Twitter-chershoes The pics in this post are from Cher's tweets. For instance, Cher takes a picture of her feet. Who hasn't done that??? That's my favorite one!

There are many cool developments in Cher-tweet-land...Cher's eye view pictures being the best. It's like...could you do a tweet an autobiography?

Some ask, "Is it really Cher tweeting?" It doesn't seem too foolish to believe that she is. The tweets are honest, peppery, emotional and even occasionally humanly mundane...and contain a quality of vagueness beyond what an assistant or publicist would contribute.

That said, when folks criticize her spelling and grammar--it's ludicrous. Seriously, Twitter is the land of C U Ltr. It seems these people are just poking Cher with a stick is what that is all about.

Which is why when Cher asks: "If people don't like me then why not just stay away & follow who They Love?" and "I must b very naïve cause I still don’t understand why people who don’t like me come here? Seems mean 4 no reason"  My opinion: they come to get a rise out of Cher…which they are more likely to get with something negative than something positive.


Cher in Nepal: Last night John made me watch a National Geographic show about Big Foot in Nepal.

So anyway, I’m behind with the Cher tweets…does that make me a bad fan? Make no mistake, I love the tweets. Cher is very generous with her tweet time.

"Ok let’s pick a topic & talk to each other! Something u think I won’t answer! Let’s stay away from XXX! We respect one another" Mar 23

I’m 35 text pages behind!!!  Cher has been a tweet'n fool too. And pouring over them feels like trying to uncover mysteries in biblical texts.

In any case, there is no need for Cher to defend her tweets with dyslexia. ("Dyslexia SORE spot 4 me! School was hell! Said I was lazy.” Mar 23) Even if she wasn't dyslexic, she can freakin tweet any way she wants.

Anyway, back to September of last year: Cher is loving on Lady Gaga’s VMA dress and she was just getting her tootsies squished into Grauman’s Chinese Theater ("the impossible dream of a tiny 4 yr old come True!" and "the first time ever someone got to throw glitter all over it." Nov 18). Again, Cher laments “I feel my Best Pictures are behind me” which boggles the mind. I feel like we’ve been hearing this since Believe and there have been amazing amazing pictures since then, The Vanity Fair pics are really beautiful. Stand right up there with anything from the 70s or 80s.

I "liked" Cher on Facebook (as I was told to do Sept 30)

Twitterfanpic I love this near-Cher-view of a fan getting his All I Ever Need Is You (1972) album signed in New York City (posted Nov 11). I love that album. I really do.

You haven’t seen the last of me is now in Cher's top 5 songs she's done. Oct 23...says Burlesque isn’t Shakespeare and is predictable but is beautiful and fun. Indeed.

Says Zimmerman is writing for teen Disney show, Shake it Up and Cher was sad when she lost half a years worth of texts between her and Rz...“I’m desolate! They were precious 2 me” (Mar 14) This reminds me of the heartache of losing creative and personal work from computer crashes. Technology has a sucky side. Which is why I'm wary of using document scanners for important docs. A fire seems less likely than a computer crash.

Cher thanked her fans for the last night in her three-year Vegas run: “packed audience on their feet for nearly the whole show! They screamed and yelled with excitement and delight" Feb 8

Cher now has a YouTube station: but there's not much on it yet

Cher often expresses concern for friends in surgery or sick. She expressed honest disappointment about the Oscars shunning for Best Song, “Would u like Some Cheese 2 go with that WHINE!” Jan 26  (her own "Snap out of it!")

She raises the interesting identity question: "Why would someone pretend to be me. It’s meaningless 4 them. Instead of making them feel more…it must make them feel less” Nov 6

She "Didn’t know caps were shouting! Sorry! I’m SO out of the loop. Probably out of the loop Is outa the loop" Feb 23

Twitter-cherdressing room Twitter-beforeshow  








Two gorgeous pics of Lovely Cher backstage before Vegas Caesars shows.

"Who or What is Cher Lloyd" Mar 15 (Cher Lloyd is who clogs up my Cher google searches, that’s who!)…this comment causes drama to ensue from Cher Lloyd's minions: "I guess I live in a cave. No Disrespect meant !" The next day she apologizes for not knowing tweet etiquette (who does?) "give me a fn break here…There’s rm 4 both she has more followers cool! There truly is lots a rm! It’s a Big planet!"

Which is nice of Cher to say...but...honestly...can we be honest here in the 5th decade?...the planet does not have room for most celebrities, which is why they fade away predictably within months, years or a decade at most. Cher takes up a lot of planet room….nothing against thousands of other celebs who didn’t make it 5 decades…it’s just…you know...the odds are not good for Cher Lloyd. I could be wrong. Let’s touch base in 20 years. If I’m wrong. I’ll eat my hat.

People are asking questions (I'm so jealous!) but we only get to see the answer and I am forced to guess at the questions:

"long blk straight, But I try to make it wavy. Only works in Maui" Mar 15 (Is your hair straight or wavy?)

"true ! Broke it long ago ! Compound fract. but was in rehearsal 4 a show wore cast 2 wks Dr said 'you'll pay' " May 15 (Was it true you broke your toe?)

"Neon Pink on toes Metallic rose glitter on fingers Not deep or meaningful, it's just what I'm Doing right now" Mar 15 (What nail polish do you wear?)

Twitter-chercatCher dishes about pets. Awww!

"My cat 'Mr Big' found him on tour undera truck, alone ! Tiny little thing! I took pic & did silly art work" mar 16 

"Love both ! Found puppy in dirt alone (my karma) Rome ! Fought Lily T. 4 him (kidding) name pipo ! My Sister G Took him" (Do you like dogs or cats?)

"loved my dog Kuma ! Akita ! It's cool people Love their pets ! He's Gone, but what a Prince he Was. Strange, writing this i got tears"
Mar 16

On Kathy Griffin: "Let’s talk Kathy! I love her. Took her to Maui with G & bunch a my best friends 4 years! Only KG and RZ make me laugh uncontrollably! She is very kind, dresses up when not working. Me, I live in Chrome’s sweatpants." Mar 16

"Love 2 play wii tennis! It’s so much fun & great cardio!" Mar 17

This reminds me. I just finished a Mark Twain biography, a 600-page opus by Ron Powers. Did you know Mark Twain wrote with a bunch of ampersands in his correspondence & he would probably tweet that way too.)

"NO In & OUT Couple times a yr 3 jack tacos & choc shake whipped cream No Cherry!" Mar 17

Twitter-chercloset"In bed watching tcm! Not tired but gotta get up early’n work out. Been cleaning out my closet 4 what seems like half my adult life" Mar 17

"Hi Lovely's! Ran across my orig S&C Fur vest ! Will take pic tonite & post ! Am in closet will take pics !"

Look at all those shoes!

She solicits opinions about playing Mother superior to an orphanage on The Three Stooges movie (I’m agnostic) mar 18 "I want 2 do more films! …something 2 sink my teeth in! completely different! Unexpected! Cher put a sock in it."

Cher: explore your inner villain! Cher Scholar put a sock in it.

"Several mes! Calm impatient young old funny sad outgoing shy soft sharp laugh cry" Mar 18 (Who is the real you?)

"No Been Cher ALL MY LIFE! Only Cherilyn when in trouble!" Mar 24 (Were you ever called Cherilyn?)

"With Meryl saved girl from getting rapped by HUGE MAN between little Italy china town midnight" (No way!)

She almost had car accident after Chaz’s bday party on Mar 20: "yah but party was tonite ! Many people were away on 4th" (Why was Chaz's bday party on the 20th?)

Says she is "ipad/phone possessed. Artist I love So! Has song 4 me & maybe she & I duet! Oh happy Day lovelies" mar 21

"Wash every other nite! Unless needed don’t user dyer! Put is swirly big bun and let it dry that way" (How do you wash your hair?)

Finally we have questions included around March 26!

"I would have dinner with Jesus Buddha Shakespeare Billie Holiday Harry Hopkins" mar 26

"what’s your fave quotation that you truly live by? If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter! Mom" Mar 26

On Liz taylor: "I was once going through Hard time & She was So Kind 2 me" Mar 26

"Don’t sing my songs. Do wear my perfume. Fav song Winter Shade of Pale I’m hippy" Mar 26


Cher's pool with a Buddha statue.

Zimmerman turns out is a "big fan horror film I’m not! He put on Rene Zelweger scary ass film! I’m scared go down stairs 4 ice cream. Ok he’s going down 4 the ice cream, but I may never go Downstairs in the Dark AGAIN! Hate horror! I’m big sissy! What kind of ice cream? Chocolate??? If it’s not choc. It’s not Desert." Mar 28

"Oh! Arg! Monday! I became a singer so I could work Nites! Not really! Son said “Sing Cher” So I Did! But thank God it was Nites" Mar 28

Like all of us, Cher is curious about the latest antics of Charlie Sheen’s personal tour. Apr 3

"was almost no ["You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"] director hated it & wanted it out of his film ..said it would ruin it !" Apr 3

"would you ever duet with merle haggard? Seriously? Oh God yes ! Love him It might not b lovelies fav but great" apr 3 (This should happen.)

"I’m very dyslexic! Imagine what a success I might have made of my life if only my grammar was perfect…Might have been able to have true connection with people! Make them feel something! (sounds like Sonny liner notes from 1973) Oh well quel damage" mar 22

She’s kidding right!? Tell me she’s kidding.

"Nothing would be better than kicking the bucket on stage." Jan 27

Don’t say that! Cher freaks do NOT like to think of "Cher mortality." I can only imagine what Liz Taylor fans are going through right now. And if Entertainment Weekly puts Cher on the back and
Arnold Schwarzenegger's poopey face on the front when Cher “kicks it” I will lose my mind.

By the way, there are many Liz pics on the set of the movie Giant in EW's Taylor tribute this week, that set really being in Martha, Texas, the major plot setting forCome Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean.

Things Cher likes that you might want to check out:


"Mom dad ! M. suede pants squaw boots ! ponytail 2 waist" mar 22

"my mom & Dad ! Like movie Stars ! Can't c moms Long hair suede pants & moccasins" apr 1

"I’m tired. Nite lovelies! That includes lovelies that Don’t love Me!" Mar 20