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Gossip is So Rarely Kind

Cherron For that reason, I almost enjoyed the tabloid Globe Story about Cher and Ron Zimmerman last week. At least it was positive about their relationship. Even if they were lies, they were sweet ones. 

Things I like about Ron:

1. He looks like a cowboy.
2. He’s funny.
3. He creates a funny comic about cowboys.
4. Cowboys are rarely funny and this is a nice departure for them.
5. He looks strong enough to tip a cow if such a thing was necessary.

Things I don’t like about the Globe

1. You have to leaf through a lot of garbage to see the trash about your celebrity obsession.
2. Alternatively, it’s like a vortex of sin: you will never be able to find what you are looking for in its un-indexed pages while standing in the check out line.
3. The photos make everyone always look ill.
4. My horoscope inside said I need to re-assess my budget and seek professional help (it's possibly too late).
5. You feel dirty after reading it...literally. The ink comes off on your fingers.



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