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The Burlesque Movie Book

Burlesque: Posters, CDs and…Stick Faces?

!Bvwn4HQEGk~$(KGrHqZ,!hQEv1+0DS-bBMF6I10Nww~~_35 The soundtrack was first to be released November 16 but then was pushed back to Nov 22 (the film hits theatres November 24).  So that’s STILL enough time to memorize all the songs before you see the movie.



The soundtrack track listing was posted as follows:

1. 'Welcome to Burlesque' – Cher
2. 'Something’s Got a Hold on Me' – Christina Aguilera
3. 'Tough Lover' – Christina Aguilera
4. 'Long John Blues' – Kristen Bell
5. 'Diamonds' – Christina Aguilera
6. 'You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me' – Cher
7. 'Express' – Christina Aguilera
8. 'But I Am a Good Girl' – Christina Aguilera
9. 'A Guy Who Takes His Time' – Christina Aguilera
10. 'Bound to You' – Christina Aguilera
11. 'That’s Life' – Alan Cumming
12. 'Spotlight' – Christina Aguilera

LA Times recently did a story (10/11/2010) on real LA Burlesque shows.,0,6250789.story

Burlesqueis alive and well, having gone from 2 shows per month to about 4 a week in Los Angeles.

Lili VonSchtupp, Augusta Avallone, Steve Antin and choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars” and former Pussycat Doll Lindsley Allen are interviewed for the story. (Steve Antin’s sister Robin Antin was a founder of the Pussycat Dolls).

They talked about shows like “Monday Night Tease”, “The Rendezvous” at the King King, and even the famed Actor’s Gang group getting into the fun. Hmm…I don’t think I need to see Tim Robbins stripping…but okay.

LA even has a burlesque school called The Striptease Symposium.

To define burlesque, they used words like vaudevillian, tongue-in-cheek, 18th/19th century European theater, specifically Italian commedia del’arte, French cabaret,  pastiche (a form of literary impersonation), definitely with a sense of humor and surprisingly innocent.

Some interesting new movie press items have also been released.

The hand stick faces: do you think this will be a collector's item someday?

And the hot and tangy Japanese poster is out.

Japanese poster 
The new Japanese website:
See the trailer with subtitles.

And I wish I was still in LA to see this!! Burlesque ads on the Sunset Strip!! (Facebook's Team Burlesque posted the photo)

Burlesque on sunset  








And there's a LOT more stuff to comment on...soon!



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