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The Old and New Ways of Celebrity Gossip

Cher+Goddess+of+PopIt aint easy being a Diva. Sometimes I need to lie down.

These two stories that follow are perfect illustrations of the diverging ways of old celebrity gossip and new celebrity gossip.

The first story showcases old-school gossip with Liz Smith. Although I think old school gossip columnists are usually more humane and star-friendly, they don't seem to have a grasp anymore of what is really interesting. Smith has such sleepy material and gets excited over things that don't interest me.

Allegedly, the two Liz's (Gossip Queen Smith and Publicist Rosenberg) were doing lunch when Cher called Rosenberg and Smith grabbed the phone to catch this "scoop":

“WELL, LIZ … I’m not really the star. It’s Christina Aguilera’s movie. But, I’m, you know – pivotal. Me and Stanley Tucci are the meat of the thing. But I’m not the star.”

Smith tries to trap Cher into admitting she's really the star of the movie and Cher accuses Liz of being Hedda Hopper, an even older-school gossip professional.

Read the whole thing here:


These days most kids get their untruths, halftruths and scandalous scoops from nameless, faceless Internet "news" sites:

In a recent story about Cher meeting her men on Facebook, Chelsea Traille, (who plays Coco in Burlesque), is quoted as saying:

“Cher walks in like a rock star,” she said. “She had rock star jeans with leather crosses, hair flowing. She’s fierce. Her body is bangin’. Her waist is tiny. She’s a yoga master. We were all like, ‘What do you do?” and she said, ‘Yoga.’ ”

Read the whole thing here:

Which scoop is more interesting to you?




I think it depends on whether you are interested in

"Cher"...the star?
Cher...the person?

I think it's kinda sad, that
the "old glamorous and exciting days of
Hollywood, it's "STARS",
it's 'respectful' gossip
columnists and ShowBiz
no longer exists.

It used to be when a New
Movie or Album came out-
it was a wonderful and fun
experience that LASTED for
a while to enjoy and savor.

it's over and done with in
a week...Ready to be downloaded or purchased at
your local favorite 'dust-bin.'

Celebrity News has been
replaced by Celebrity TRASH!

Give me the days of my
Beloved RONA BARRETT....even
if she did spread a bit of




i think what i was trying to
say in the above post:

is that even though, it might be fun to "voyeur-isticly" pry into "Stars"
personal lives----
has become toooo much!!!!

"STARS" are suppose to
be 'larger than life.'
An artistic magical fantasy
if you will?
NOT just another everyday run-of the-
mill human...

When we or the cruel media,
constantly, do our best to
bring them down to our level--
I think it diminishes their

In the 'old days of Hollywood' everything was,
carefully, manufactured and
monitored to
KEEP them "STARS."

it IS cool to see CHER
go off on some reporter
stalking her in Malibu...

i much prefer the days
of awaiting that moment;
when Sonny&Cher show up on the cover of a
Fan Magazine, TIME,
TV Guide, US, PEOPLE... or guest on a tv talk show....


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