Songs Cher Should Cover: Goodbye by Free
Last Weeks’s Outfit Wars

Speaking of Cher Tweets

TweetspicDo you think Cher wears faux-furs when she tweets? What do you think Sonny would tweet? Are you following the Cher tweets? I wonder if an autobiography can be strung from twitter tweets.

I decided to read all the tweets through from 11 September 2010 back to the first tweet 4 May 2010 and do what a good Cher scholar
would do and categorize them.


There are 3 tweets about twitter, for example:

“Thank you to our 10,000th Apple Ping fan and to our soon to be 25,000th Twitter follower”

ugh…those numbers hurt my head.

“My friend said I was tweeting “ANGRY STUFF”

“Is “ANGRY STUFF” a FELONY or MISDEMEANOR? Does this mean im gonna do hart Time in
Twitter Hell?

18 Tweets about work, for example:

Leavin LV head’n 2 the Bu! Gotta get home pick out gazillions a clothes etc! 4 Burlesque Photo shoot on 2nd!

“Worked till the WEE hrs Of the a.m. doing photo shoot 4 Burlesque

I think it might b really great!! But ya never know I worked my Ass off & loved every 6 inch heel wearing min!!!

“Burlesque POSTER is absolutely the COOLEST one I’ve EVER been on! Lucky Me! Almost 100 &
STILL Doing what I love”

I wish she'd stop saying she's almost 100 already! It’s making Me feel OLD.

11 Tweets about Cherities
20 Tweets about Beauty
6 Tweets about Vacation
3 Tweets about Ron Z.

3 Tweets on Cher History

I love these b/c they showcase what an amazing life she's had in the business.

Heard Joni Mitchel’s Court & Spark We were friends while she was recording it & she would play riffs
bout 3ish am after coming home

From studio! The lyrics r amazing & Joni is a great artist! Gettingolder as an artist is hard! U still have the
love & the need

& the ART has NO IDEA How Old the Artist is!

3 Tweets about Life and Spirituality

Pema Chodrom books lifesavers for me! Keep 2 mini ones in my purse! My Rinpoche says I’m “Hard
case” he’s right!


Sometimes it’s just better to go to bed & try again tomm!

6 Tweets that might be about politics…they are vague so I’m not really sure

and 5 Completely Mystery tweets (and again these might cross over with politics)

God Bless the South


Rob in Michigan

I think Geffen, Joni & Cher all shared a house at one point. One of Joni's lyrics from Off Night Backstreet is "you give me such pleasure, you bring me such pain, who left her long black hair in our bathtub drain?"

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