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Magazine Alert -- Get It Quick

EW-Harry-Potter-1116 I'm still MIA for a week more or two...trying to get out from a deluge of moving drama, including a broken computer keyboard, a moving company that keeps delaying delivering all our stuff (so much for guarantees from Allied) and a pretty scary ant infestation in our new place. I've dubbed the house Camp Ant.

But there's urgent Cher news afoot. This weeks Entertainment Weekly does their Fall Movie Preview (Harry Potter on the cover) and there's a two page spread on Burlesque of which is mostly a Cher interview of pretty brief but quality quotes. She talks about coaching Christina, the difference between making movies and music, and why so many are so interested now in musicals.

But buy it today or tomorrow because Tuesday and Wednesday the next week's issue hits the stand.



have you seen the
TRAILER on YouTube??????



i can't believe you up and went so fast!!!!!
PLEASE tell us what the "culture-shock" is like and WHAT it is like to be
there in general........

A lot of my books from
various AUTHORs on
"how-to-write" ALL lived or
spent time in NEW MEXICO...

A lot of "massage-therapist"
go that direction, toooo....

i just thought of something
that needs to be "explored"
in your next CherZine:

all the slights and totally
ignoring her achievements of

in the world of "kudos and

ie.... the Grammy Awards-
when, BELIEVE should have
been nominated and won in
every catergory....

instead, they snub her
and went with that
black sabbath guy...

his album was great...
BUT, it did not achieve
the WORLD-WIDE success that
Believe did......

CHART #'s and SALES alone
should decide the winner...
Believe WAS the #1 record in
all those positions...

(where are you JeffKitchen???)


Entertainment Weekly this time around has a two week shelve life as it's a double issue but still hurry out there and get your copy. The preview for Burlesque has been playing on many screens already. Most notable is Eat, Pray Love.

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