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TV Alert: AFI's Tribute of Mike Nichols

The AFI Tribute of Mike Nichols airs this Saturday night on TVLand. Check your local listings. Highlights of the event show the sparkling, glowing Cher we love...

Cher with old friend David Geffen...


"Mary Louise" Streep makes Cher laugh...


Cher giving the "what the Hell are you talking about?" look...


She speaks...


She performs...


She charms...


She sizzles....


See the full photo slide-show.

"I Have Lived In Many Houses..."

I have lived in many houses
But not as yet a yurt.

    Poet Thomas Lux

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the link that Cher scholar JimmyDean pointed out last week: Architectural Digest's online retrospective of a sampling of Cher's homes (not all of their features are covered).

There have been so many Cher homes, probably even a yurt somewhere in there, truth be told. But I have only three that I'm sentimental about, having lived in none of them: The S&C house on Carrolwood in Bel Air; the Egyptian house from the Barbara Walter's interview, and the last Malibu house with the infinity pool. But because Carrolwood was captured on the back of the S&C All I Ever Need is You album, I never tire of seeing pictures of it.

I've never seen this photo above before. Do you remember from the S&C Comedy Hour that video with Sonny and Chastity running around the house grounds?

..or the Bittersweet White LIght album jacket from 1973?


 ...or imagine Cher and Robert C. talking into the wee hours on these couches of her New York City triplex?


...or the family Christmases in Aspen?

Click any picture above to enlarge.

Vamp Dish: Cher Tweets

Chertweets Not sure how long the Cher Facebook page has been up but fans on the Cher lists have recently been discussing Cher tweets that have been feeding back in to it.

The first tweet was "Hello Twitter!" on May 4, 2010, according to twistory.

(I just made that term up...making up twitter terms, proves I'm so in the moment, no?)

Anyway, the fans have been debating the authenticity of this facebook page and twitter feed really being Cher. Apparently, Paula Abdul's tweet page says "Account Verified" and Cher's doesn't.

I was under the impression (from complete, un-fact-checked rumor) that Facebook was fully against people misrepresenting themselves (didn't Lindsay Lohan fight them on this?) but in Molly Ringwald's new book, Getting the Pretty Back (just saw her at a Google reading...she said I asked a good question about Parisian women owning their beauty... was totally starstruck but that's another story.), she claims to be practicing on FB under an assumed name. Maybe FB has relaxed that rule.

Who knows. All I know is apparently Allure Magazine things it's the real deal:

Cher Is Tweeting Beauty Tips!

June 17, 2010

Somewhere between Moonstruck and Kathy Griffin's hilarious story about visiting Cher's house, we fell in love with the singer and Oscar-winning actress. How could we not? Cher wore an 800-feather headdress on the red carpet. She danced on a battleship. And now she's giving beauty product recommendations on her Twitter page.

And she is not doing it casually, as she Tweeted yesterday: "I'll Never recommend anything Unless I Know it works! I've been around 100 yrs I know a Gazzilion cool things! I'm pass'n it on xxme."

She gives props to Proactiv, Jan Marini, and even Olay Regenerist (can you imagine running into Cher at the drugstore?) Check out Cher's thoughts on some of her other favorites:

M.A.C. Microfine Refinisher Gommage: "Pretentious name but it kicks ass! Oily Skins...Use [a] couple times a week then moisturize like hell!"

Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Conditioner: "4 fine hair."

Hanky Panky lingerie: "Ok Best G Strings Ever "Hanky Panky" been wear'n em 4 ever! Great panties 2 I hear!" [Ed. Note: Clearly, Cher only wears g-strings!]

M.A.C. Brow Set: "always brush your eyebrows up a little! "Mac brow" set Or old toothbrush & hairspray! Spray little on toothbrush & brush eyebrows up right away! I Always do!"

Okay, I admit, whether this is Cher tweeting or not--I tried the eyebrow hairspray with a toothbrush thing. If you've seen me, I have Oscar the Grouch eyebrows. It's a good tip! Molly Ringwald's book also talks a lot about the importance of having shaped eyebrows...more important than makeup even, she says.

Cher tweets:

In other Cher gossip:

Billy Bush interviewed Cher on Access Hollywood recently and she did not collapse backstage in Vegas as one tabloid recently reported dramatically:

Burlesque,” which opens on November 24,...has been filming for months and wasn’t easy on Cher’s feet.

Cher recently had to pull out of some of her shows at Caesars Palace after re-injuring her tootsies, and she said “Burlesque” didn’t help.

“You were [sidelined] for a night?” Billy asked.

“A couple of nights. Also, when I did ‘Burlesque,’ I was on 16 hour days in the highest heels I’ve ever worked on and it was hard,” she said.

As for her Vegas show cancellations, which occurred at the end of last month, Cher explained to Billy it had to do with her previous injury

“My toes [have] been broken a whole bunch of times so I was having a really hard time with it,” Cher told Billy. “I still am [hurt], but I’m working on [it]. It’s getting better.”

"Precious" isn't "Silkwood"

Silkwood2 I've been catching up on a stack of old Time and Newsweek Magazines. We subscribed for a year and quickly got overwhelmed. So, I'm reading the November 16, 2009, issue of Newsweek when I come across a critical essay written by Raina Kelly about the movie Precious that came out last year.

Here are some good excerpts:

"Depending on who you are, where you grew up, and, frankly, the color of your skin, you'll most likely react in one of two ways to [this movie]....insist that it is yet another stereotypical, demonizing representation of black people [or] thrilled to see a depiction of a young African-American woman that, while heartbreaking, is a portrait of the black experience that has been overlooked on the sunny horizon that stretches from The Cosby Show to House of Payne.

"Yes, Precious is changed at the end of the movie...but that isn't enough. I wanted just a hint that she would also escape the hell that is urban poverty. Precious was lucky to find the alternative school that could help her. But that's fiction. Im reality, there are far more Preciouses than there are teachers to help them. Movies such as this allow us to forget that....Her situation feels so extreme that we lose sight of the bigger picture. It becomes too hard to summon up any more outrage at the social worker who never figures out that something awful is happening in Precious's home, or a the well-meaning civil servant who can't help Precious beyond finding her a a job at $2.12 on hour...I'm tired of movies presenting black people as grateful to find a helping hand to rise above their abusers. Not because we've seen this movie before--staring Sidney Poitier, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and even Matthew Perry--but because the story never changes.

How about a "based on a true story" tear-jerker that ends with some tangible improvement in the lives of impoverished children? Where's the African-American Norma Rae or Silkwood?

Elijah Has a New Show

Elijahshow2 Elijah Blue's latest show is called "Stuff of Legends", presented this time by Kantor Gallery and Madison Gallery.

His first exhibition "Step and Repeat" presented by Kantor Gallery was reportedly sold out "with the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art acquiring the final piece."

According to the release:

"both commentaries on the union of celebrity and commerce. "Step-and-Repeat" looked at the commercial medium of the step and repeat backdrop found on red carpets. "Stuff of Legends" is a further abstraction and smaller study on the nuances of the first series of paintings in "Step-and Repeat." Both take a Warhol-like look at logos and Blue explores the "current celebrity condition" as an Orwellian device. In an interview with ArtInfo in February for the "Step-and-Repeat" exhibit Blue said: "I watch Jersey Shore. I love it. I watch it and I am corrupted, and I am the symptom. I am not above any of this - there is no escaping what we have become. I am just commenting on it."

Yes, that always bears repeating.

The exhibition runs at the Madison Gallery 23410 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265-310.317.8787
2 July through 2 August

The release:


Magazine Alert, Auction Alert, Movie Date Alerts

Ad Cher's on the July cover of Architectural Digest on news stands now.

As the cover girl for July's edition of Architectural Digest, the diva reveals the "spiritual and spunky" interior of her Los Angeles duplex ... and a bit of her naughty side.

Interesting note: the space was designed by interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.




Movie Notes:

According to the Washington Post, Cher's movie Zookeeper (voice of the giraffe) will open July 8.

And everyone is still saying Burlesque will open Thanksgiving Day.

And apparently one of Cher's songs in Burlesque was written by Diane Warren:

Nmpa Announces Diane Warren As 2010 Icon Award Honoree

Recently, Diane wrote an original song performed by Cher in the much-anticipated Screen Gems' movie, Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. Other beloved hits include If I Could Turn Back Time performed by Cher, I Get Weak performed by Belinda Carlisle and Un-Break My Heart performed by Toni Braxton.


Another Cher garage sale: June 24 & 25


Crucifix And what's a Cher sale without crucifixes?

Literally lots of them. Crucifix2

Juliens Auctions' "Hollywood Legends" sale is taking place in Las Vegas at planet hollywood. There are a plethora of other celebrity items, but Cher has 7 pages of her own junk to sell us, including scripts, roller skates ($300-500 for those babies), table tchotkes, wall mirrors, jewelry, Sonny costumes, Cher costumes, Bob Mackie sketches and the ubiquitous gothic books and trinkets.

Interesting items include:

Continue reading "Magazine Alert, Auction Alert, Movie Date Alerts" »

Oh The Horror--The 80s Are Back

Scan002Well, the 80s are trying to make a comeback. Can't say I'm happy about it. Can't say I don't feel a pang of distress to see bright-colored, alternative outfits similar to the ones I wore in high school as I was crying on the shoulder of a friend because of some heartless boy who most likely dressed in similar silly ensembles. If I wanted to go back to that fashion statement, I'd have Molly Ringwall's oeuvre of fine films to take me there, including particularly Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink.  Why do I feel like crap when I watch those? Because I felt like crap when I first watched those.

But the signs of 80s-revival are everywhere: big hipped, baggy, paisley monstrosities worn by contestants on this year's American Idol; David Bowie's "Modern Love" popping all up along my car radio dial; big, big, big hair in the fashion ads of LA Magazine. What's an 80s-era runaway TO DO??

It's funny that I remember the 70s bellbottom jeans revival of the 90s and my older co-workers having similar traumas flashing back to their own innocent eras ("I wore those in high school...never again!").

I never thought it would happen to me. The 80s were so in your face. Those shoulder pads. I spent hours un-sewing shoulder pads from various things. Even purses seemed to have shoulder pads. And of course, everything was pink, my hair was red, my earrings were huge (huge earrings are also back), I wore big obnoxious pink bows in my hair (all of which is pictured above). My friends all had alternative haircuts.

It's really hard to live through this again.

In the 80s, Cher made bombastic power ballads that we will soon be re-hearing on the radio again, along with the old Madonna, Duran Duran and redundant big hair bands. But for Cher the 80s was more than big hair and big music. It was also a new identity and respectability. Videos on MTV, Jack LaLanne ads, good movie reviews, an Academy Award, and tough-chick fashion magazine covers. I liked that part of it, the tough style of the chain mail and leather jackets, the rock-solid bod, the f-u attitude. Even the makeup was strong.

I did acquiesce a few days ago to this pathetic 80s scene. I heard John Waite singing "Missing You" on the radio and I thought, Ok 80s, you can come back.