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Moonstruckmarmalade Cher's sweet tooth has spoken.

Cher Picks Jammies “Moonstruck Marmalade

Cher has spoken, and she’s picked Jammies’ Moonstruck Marmalade as her favorite organic jam.” Jammies Jams taste like fresh fruit in a jar. Of course I am partial to “Moonstruck Marmalade” but they’re all great!”

There's a lot of love for Cher over at Jammies Jams. There's also a non-marmalade Moonstruck jam and Snapoutofit a "Snap out of it!" jam. Buy your set today.

I have a general question: what’s the difference between jam and jelly and preserves and the nebulous "spread"? Jam has seeds? Anybody? Is it me?

These flavors also look promising:

Ladymarmaladeborder Bloodymary  





Hi, Mary!

Jelly is made from fruit juice. Pureed fruit is used to make jam. Preserves are made from whole fruit, and spreads are made from whole fruit or pureed fruit, or both.
Liz and I used to make currant jelly and cherry preserves with Grandma.
Love your blog!

Jammies Jams

Hi Mary...
Jammies Fruit spread is made without additional sugar. It's all fruit and a lot of love, which is why our Jammies Slim line is only 8 calories per tablespoon. Traditional jam must have 60% sugar, while Jammies have no more than 40% and often as low as 20% added sugar.
Moonstruck marmalade melts like butter in your mouth and is not bitter. Hope you try some soon!

Cher Scholar

Hi Kitty! Thanks for the clarification. It made me sad that I was never old enough to join in cooking with grandma. But I am working on some short stories (fiction) that I am setting in the Roy house and I am having flashbacks of the yellow kitchen countertops and the big walk-in pantry and all the sunshine. Do you remember much about the house?


Yes, I spent a lot of time there, so I do remember a lot about the house. When I lived in Raton, I used to go about one weekend a month, when Grandma and Grandpa were in town.

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