Cher at Directors Guild of America Awards
Paparazzi Suckage and a Rare Accolade for Sonny Bono

Cher Sighting & a Week in the Life of a Burlesque Actress

Party The interview of the cast from Entertainment Tonight 

Cher commenting on her young co-stars:  She talked about working with such spunky starlets as 20-year old Christina Aguilera, 29 year-old Kristen Bell, and 21 year-old Julianne Hough.

“It’s a hard job. You get up at 5am and try to look good. All these girls are a third my age. That is rough.”

But she had good things to say about Aquilera: 

“I’m shocked but she’s really good. The other day we were hamming it up so badly, so old, like vaudevillian. She was ­keeping up! She was hot. Her game is good.”

I wonder what the moves of Christina’s game are? Because Cher’s game is pretty good. 

And likewise, Christina Loves Cher too(no surprise)  What about the reported feud?

"I love Cher and I never knew just how much before I made this movie. I have always had tremendous respect for her. She is a woman who did everything before anyone else did it," she says. "She is an icon and she inspired me through some of my career. We've had similar costumes too!"

Hmm…I don’t really like Cher’s costumes being compared to anyone else.

In Burlesque, Christina plays lead character Ali who escapes from a small town and heads to Los Angeles where she dances at a neo-burlesque club run by former dancer Tess, played by Cher.

Co-star Kristen Bell said she liked “the relaxed attitude adopted by the Cher on set”.

Kristen - who plays dancer Nikki - said: "Cher owns the club and we play best friends, I'm her lead dancer and Christina sort of comes in between the two of us and I'm not very happy about that! I could talk but I was definitely having to take a breath and I was going, 'I'm in a room with Cher right now', but she's so personable and down to earth, it's not really what you expect, she's very easy to be around."

LA Times has a funny spin on the love-fest of the movie set.

Can't we all get along a little less?

Don't get us wrong, we love good vibes among star casts -- especially the cast that upcoming "Burlesque" boasts: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci, "Twilight" hunk Cam Gigandet and Kristen Bell. "Entertainment Tonight" got the first sit-down with the bunch, currently shooting the project in Los Angeles, and it seems even the film's headlining divas are playing extremely nice.

"The other day we were hamming it up so badly ... ," Cher said of a group scene. "She was hot, she was really up there, her game is good."

"Heroes" actress Bell, her normally blond 'do a nearly jet-black mane, says the legend is everything she expected and more. "You don't get to be more of an icon than she is, and there are very few people who have that status. She so delivers in every way," Bell said.

No screaming or sabotaging of costumes? No tears or measuring of trailers? Let's hope there's plenty of  drama on screen! -- Matt Donnelly

Later, Cher was seen (as pictured above) at Quentin Taratino’s party at La Vida. 



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