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News: Cher Homes and Burlesque Leaks

The Golden Globes

Onsage We’re all very excited about the appearance on The Golden Globes last Sunday (the Associated Press’ big to-do every year). Cher looked mahvelous. Below are some of the blog comments from the event. I notice we are back in a period of public Cher love these days, which is nice. Even the snarky bloggers who crack the plastic surgery jokes ad nauseum still can’t hide their appreciation for Cher right now.

This blogger thought she could have worn something more shocking as she does.

“I think you look pretty good, actually. But still, you know, CHER-Y. I mean, you are outrageous. This is actually pretty low key for you. You could have gone way crazier.”

This blogger reminded us that Cher mis-pronounced Michael Giacchino’s name, which reminded me of the Oscars presentation back in the 70s. Didn't Cher mispronouncing Marvin Hamlisch’s name? And by some fateful coincidence, Hamlisch was a nominee in her presentation category again 30 years later. It’s like that faux pas could have happened again!Cher

“Best original score and original song presenter Cher (below, with Christina Aguilera), mangled the name of best score winner Michael Giacchino (for Up), calling him "Michael Giancino," while Felicity Huffman, of both Desperate Housewives and Transamerica, made a funny mess of her Hollywood Foreign Press Association announcement. "This was not at all how it was gonna go," she exclaimed at one point, before telling the audience and the millions of television viewers that the HFPA has donated "$10 million to film-related charities."


I have to agree with this blogger below. But who am I to say? Maybe one of them needed emotional support from a sistah that night. 

“Burlesque co-stars Cher and Christina Aguilera. They even held hands! So adorable. And weird.”Gallery_main-christina-aguilera-cher-2010-golden-globes-awards-red-carpet-photos-01172010-07

In a blog bashing Demi Moore:

“In sharp contrast, immortal singing sensation, Cher, managed to get herself to the event to co-present with Christina Aguilera. The undead Cher look remarkably life-life in her burlesque-inspired gown, which showed off just the right amount of reconstituted flesh.”

I love “immortal singing sensation” on so many levels.

A shopping blog? From here come some good details on the fashion.

“Cher went a big goth with a black gown featuring a laced up asymmetrical neckline. Her hair Christina-aguilera-golden-globes-2010-red-carpet-03 and makeup were especially pretty. Christina looked stunning with her new bob, subdued makeup and a peach Versace chiffon gown with fitted bodice. Christina accessorized with jewelry by Webster and a clutch by Judith Lieber.”

Lotta pics here:
Video of the presentation:
Video of an after -arty interview

The last picture looks like Christina shows real affection for Cher.

Can I just say, the site Cher World rocks.



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